Latchel’s 27/7 Home Assistant

Expedited Scheduling & Dispatching of Repairs

24/7/365 access to your home assistant, on the line within 60 seconds or less to ensure your in-home needs are always met.

Security Deposit Protection Plan & Move Out Repair Assistance

Get the maximum security deposit amount back after move-out with an independent review at move out.

No Show Fee Protection & Convenient Scheduling

No cancellation fees when your schedule changes last minute. Fast and easy appointment coordinating via SMS or online portal.

How Does it Work?

1. We receive your tenant request

Your tenant calls or texts us at the dedicated line we provide to you.

You receive a realtime email notification letting you know that we received a request.

2. Screen for Emergencies

We catch emergencies with 100% accuracy by pairing our experienced team with powerful software.

3. Deep Dive Troubleshooting

Our in-house team of maintenance experts troubleshoots with the tenant over the phone. We prevent an unnecessary dispatch of a contractor.

We notify you if we fix the issue on the phone.

4. Dispatch a Contractor

We dispatch a contractor if we can’t troubleshoot the issue. We can dispatch your favorite contractors or a Latchel contractor.

We tell you which contractor goes out and when they will arrive at the property.

5. Follow-up to Resolve

We follow up at the end of the contractor’s appointment to make sure everything got fixed. We follow up with both the tenant and the contractor.

We notify you when the job is finished

Latchel's Vetted Contractors

Stay Protected from “No Show” Fees When You Need to Reschedule.

Your 24/7 Home Assistant Program also comes with appointment cancellation protection so that you don’t get charged “no show” fees when you need to reschedule or cancel maintenance appointments.

Latchel makes spending quality time easy

Trust In Maintenance Contractors Who Care

All contractors dispatched by your home assistant are heavily vetted to ensure on-time arrival, efficient and effective home repairs, and follow up on all requests.

Latchel Contractors
Latchel Dashboard makes Maintenance Easy

Online Portal For Scheduling

Our easy to use software allows you to schedule maintenance repairs easily via SMS according to your schedule.

Luxury Living Experience At An Affordable Cost

  • Home Assistant on the Phone in 60 Seconds or Less, 24/7/365
  • No Show Fee Protection for Cancellations
  • Security Deposit Protection to Ensure Max Return
  • Convenient Scheduling via SMS or Online
  • Vetted Contractors Who Care


What do I get?

Your home assistant is your go-to contact point going forward for maintenance and other in-home issues. They respond within 60 seconds. They help troubleshoot issues and dispatch maintenance technicians. This also allows them to protect your security deposit.

What is my assistant’s phone number?

Your dedicated number is in the flyer you received and in the welcome email. You’ll also get a text from your assistant with your assistant’s number.

Do I need to download anything?

Nope. All you need to do is text your assistant or call in to get everything done. Your assistant will send you a web link to a dedicated web portal for you – no logins required.

When should I call my landlord or property manager instead of my home assistant?

Never. Your home assistant will take care of almost everything. Contact them first. If they’re not able to help you, then they’ll send the details to your landlord or property manager, and they will help you.

How Can I Get My Security Deposit Review?

To get your third party Security Deposit audit, take a picture of your itemized deposit deductions and send it in an email to Include the property address and unit number in the body of the email along with the contact information for each resident on the lease. We’ll respond with a deposit form and begin your independent audit.

Can I Opt Out?

You can opt out of the 24/7 Home Assistant at the bottom of this page.

Residents have the ability to opt out of the 24/7 Home Assistant. By forfeiting Latchel’s 24/7 Home Assistant you’ll be rejecting the security deposit protection, no show fee protection, and access to the 24/7 home assistant phone number.

Reject 24/7 Home Assistant and Security Deposit Protection