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Latchel gives you many customization options for dispatching. You can customize notification groups, pre-dispatch instructions, default access instructions, escalation contacts, and work order budget limits. Each of these configurations can be done at the Company Level (highest), Portfolio Level (lower) or Property Level (lowest). Configurations set at the Company Level are automatically applied to lower levels (Portfolio & Property).

You can then use the inherited configurations of the level above or override the inherited configurations. As we discussed, Latchel has 3 tiers- Property Level configurations will always override Portfolio Level & Company Level configurations. Portfolio Level configurations will always override the Company Level configurations. Please see the diagram below to learn about these inheritance rules (Budget Limits were used as an example):

Video Overview

Links to Step-by-Step Guides

How to Customize Notification Groups

How to Customize Pre-dispatch Instructions

How to Customize Default Access Instructions

How to Customize Escalation Contacts

How to Customize Work Order Budget Limits

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