As a Property Manager, you can add your preferred vendors to your Latchel Portal. Once you add your vendors, you will be able to prioritize which preferred vendors that you want to use and the order of priority they should be used for each Skill Category.

When editing your preferred vendors, you can add a Skill Category to the vendor’s Latchel profile which by default selects all skills within that Skill Category. For example, if you select plumbing, it will by default select all skills within plumbing like drain unclog and mainline jetting. Click here to see How to Navigate Preferred Vendor Profiles.


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    • How to Manage Vendors (and their skills)

Video Overview


Step-by-Step Guide

How to Add a New Preferred Vendor

Step 1. From your Latchel Portal, navigate to the People menu and select Vendors.

Step 2. To add a new preferred vendor, click the All Vendors sub-tab, and click on + New Vendor.

Step 3. Fill out the Vendor Details including the Vendor’s Company Name, and Primary Contact information. To move on to the next set of information, click Next.

Step 4. Next, fill out the Company Settings including Skills, optional insurance information, and license number. Lastly, click Save.

How to Manage Vendors and their Skills

Step 1. Under the Vendors tab, click Categories & Prioritization.

Step 2. On the left-hand side of the page, you will see a list of all Skill Categories and your preferred vendors within that category. Each vendor will have a number next to it showing their order of priority. Click here to see how to Prioritize Vendors (and their skills).

In the example below, within the “Appliance” category, we have two Vendors and “Appliance Expert” is the first selected. This vendor will show at the top of the list of vendors when the Latchel Team assigns a vendor.

Step 3. For each of your preferred vendors, you will see the contact information and all of the skills that have been prioritized to be used. As the Property Manager, you may choose to not use certain skills from certain vendors.

In the example below, “Appliance Expert” can be used to “Repair refrigerator” and “Repair stovetop/oven.”

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