At Latchel, it is our number one goal that you experience nothing but success while using our service! Therefore, whenever you have a question or looking for support, please reach out using the communication channels listed below to ensure the fastest response from our team.


  • Objective
  • Content
    • Emergency Severity
    • Normal Severity
    • Account-Related Inquires

Emergency Severity

  1. Click the “Message Latchel Emergency Team” in the emergency notification email that you received. This gives you direct access to our Tier 2 Troubleshooting team.

2. Call the Maintenance Hotline Number issued to you by Latchel to create new emergency requests.

Do not:

  1. Email
  2. Text
  3. Call Latchel’s main line

Normal Severity

  1. Use the Latchel portal to send a webchat message.
  2. Use the Latchel portal to create a task for Latchel in the work order.
  3. Respond to any of Latchel’s text messages.
  4. Respond to any of Latchel’s emails.

Do Not:

  1. Call your Maintenance Hotline Number. That’s right. Do NOT call your Maintenance Hotline Number issued by Latchel to get in touch with our team. This is only meant for submitting new maintenance requests. You won’t get much help calling this number for general inquiries, as our reception team only takes new requests or passes messages along to our Premium team.

Latchel’s email inbox is only used during normal business hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm for your property’s timezone. Emails and voicemails have a 24-hour turnaround. The web portal chat or SMS is the fastest way to get in touch.

Account-Related Inquires

  1. For questions not specific to an individual work order (subscription, billing, workflow), please contact our success team by emailing team@latchel.com.
  2. For questions throughout your onboarding with Latchel, please email onboarding@latchel.com.

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