When using your preferred vendors, you may enable or disable automatic invoice collection by going to your preferred vendors settings. 

By disabling Invoice Collection, Latchel’s automation will skip asking your preferred vendors for an invoice. We assume they’ll send them to you directly. Alternatively, if you choose to enable Invoice Collection then Latchel will attempt to collect an invoice from your vendors by sending a daily automated SMS message for 5 days. 

When Latchel collects an invoice, our system automatically forwards it to your accounting email on record as a PDF. If after the 5-day mark your vendor still hasn’t submitted their invoice, we simply ask them via SMS and/or email to send you their invoice directly.


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Step-by-Step Guide

1). On your Latchel Dashboard select the Vendor tab and arrive on the Vendor Management page.

2). Locate the Preferred Vendor and click the ellipses (three dots) to the right of their name.

3). Click on the ellipses and select the first option Preferred Vendor Settings then click the invoice collection toggle highlighted in blue. Once the toggle is grayed out (toggle will be positioned to the left), invoice collection is turned off for the preferred vendor.