As a Property Manager, each of your preferred vendors has an individual page within your Latchel Portal with their contact information, Work Order settings, assigned Work Orders, services they provide (Skills), and their address.


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    • Video Overview
    • Step-by-Step Guide
      • Finding a Vendor profile within the Latchel Portal
      • Vendor Profile Main Page (Details Tab)
        • Work order settings
        • Skills
        • Address
        • Notes and Activity
      • Vendor Profile “Maintenance” Tab
      • Vendor “Members” Tab

Video Overview

Step-by-Step Guide

Finding a Vendor profile within the Latchel Portal

Step 1. From your Latchel Portal, navigate to the People menu and select Vendors.

Step 2. Search the name of the vendor in the search bar.

Step 3. As you type the name, the list of vendors will be narrowing down. Once you find the name of the vendor you are searching for, click on the vendor to open the vendor profile page. If you do not see the vendor you are looking for, click here to see a guide on How to Add & Manage Vendors.

Vendor Profile Main Page (Details Tab)

When you open your vendor profile page, it will open the details tab below. From there, you will find multiple sections of information on this vendor:

Work order settings

Here you will see invoice collection and vendor lock-in settings.
Invoice Collection: You may disable the workflow in Latchel’s software to collect invoices from preferred vendors. This is the best thing to do if your preferred network do not invoice for work (i.e. supers or onsite techs) or if your preferred network will only be sending invoices to you directly.

Vendor Lock In: By default, we will move on to a different vendor if the first one does not respond to our requests to schedule with them. Sometimes property managers want us to stick with a certain Vendor anyway. We call this Vendor “Lock In”. By default, we only “Lock In” a vendor after they provide an approved quote. Otherwise, we respect the property manager’s preferences.


This section will list all of the skills the vendor has. “Skills” refer to the abilities or services that a vendor offers to their customers. Skills are very specific to what needs to be done to resolve the maintenance request and will be grouped into Skill Categories. For example, for Appliance (this is the Skill Category) related issues, the vendor below has two skills: (1) Repair refrigerator; (2) Repair stovetop or oven.

You can add skills categories and skills to your preferred vendors. Once you assign the categories and skills to your preferred vendors, you can then “remove or add” skills that are already assigned in the vendor profile on the prioritization page.

Click here to see a guide on How to Prioritize Vendors (and their skills)


Here you will see the vendor’s main address. This is used to populate invoices.

Notes and Activity

This is to be used if the Latchel Team has notes to add to the vendor profile and those notes can or not be visible to the vendor. Currently, nothing is being auto-populated there.

Vendor Profile “Maintenance” Tab

This tab will provide a list of all work orders that this vendor has been assigned to resolve. You will be able to see the Job Name (or work order title), the property address and the status of the work order with the time the work order has been in that status.

Vendor “Members” Tab

This tab provides a list of staff members, or points of contact, for this vendor company.

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