Latchel allows you to integrate your Google Gmail account so that you can automatically send budget approval notifications to owners. These email notifications send through your own email account so that owners see the email coming from YOU instead of Latchel. Any responses from the owners will also go to your email. Inside the email, owners can click a button to automatically approve work. To enable automated budget approvals to owners, you must first integrate your Google Gmail account then create Owner profiles on each property. 


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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. Log in to Latchel

Step 2. When logged into Latchel, click your initials/avatar on the top-right of the page and click Account Settings.

Step 3. On the Connections tab, click Gmail.

Step 4. Log in to the Gmail account you wish for Latchel to use for owner communications and click Allow

Please note: Latchel will send emails on your behalf from this connected email address. Latchel will not notify you about the email–it just shows up in your Gmail outbox. Approvals get logged automatically in the Latchel system and replies from your owners will go directly to your email inbox, not Latchel.

Step 5. If we do not already have it, please send us an email at containing a list of owners with name, phone number, email address along with what properties they cover (spreadsheet template example below). This owner information will need to be added to the Latchel portal for notifications to be sent out to your owners successfully. Without this data, the Latchel system will not send emails to your owners.

Step 6. Once your owners are added and when you go to the Owner’s profile you can select from 3 types of notifications:

  1. Notification when a maintenance request is created.
  2. Notification for work approval when a maintenance request is created. This happens before a work order is ever sent to a service provider.
  3. Notification for a budget approval when a work order goes over the normal hard budget limit.

Click the toggle to enable each type of notification. The toggle should appear blue and positioned to the right to indicate that notification type has been enabled.

Owner Notification Examples:


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