Here’s What’s New in Latchel.

With today’s update, we’ve released a feature to enhance the vendor assignment process and updated the maintenance view in your Latchel portal to display Property Manager tasks that need your attention to move Work Orders forward.

What’s New?

[Now Live ✅] We have added specific skills to vendors. As a Property Manager, you can add and remove skills on your preferred vendors at the configuration level, prioritize which vendors should be used for each Skill Category and remove a vendor from a Skill Category. For example, for a landscaper, we are now able to show what types of landscaping services that company does, like mow the lawn, trim bushes, trim trees, install and fix sprinklers. Having this level of granularity to explain what a vendor actually does will help Latchel with assigning the right vendor to the right job.

[Now Live ✅] (PREMIUM PLAN) As a Property Manager, you will now have a Tasks Queue on the far right-hand side of your Latchel portal. This new queue will show all tasks that require attention from the Property Manager. Please note this new feature only includes Premium Work Orders.

  • Tasks you will see in this queue include resident contact information is missing or out of date, preferred vendor is unresponsive, Work Order requires owner approval, budget increase requested due to unforeseen repairs, etc.

[Now Live ✅] We corrected an issue where some vendors responding to emergencies would not be directed to the correct emergency hotline for immediate follow-up.

[Coming Soon ➡️] Be on the lookout for our step-by-step Customer Guides which will walk you through each one of these new features. In the meantime, feel free to log into your Latchel portal to see how these features work!

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