Here’s What’s New in Latchel.

At Latchel, Property Managers can create portfolios to group certain properties with shared settings. You can learn more about how to create & manage portfolios here:

What’s New?

[Now Live ✅] With today’s update, we’ve added a maintenance tab to portfolios so Property Managers can now view a list of work orders for the properties added to that particular portfolio. This is especially useful for Property Managers that have properties grouped together due to multiple managers that are responsible for different groups of properties. These Property Managers will now be able to view their work orders for the properties they manage instead of navigating through all work orders at the company level.

[Coming Soon ➡️] Be on the lookout for our step-by-step Customer Guides which will walk you through each one of these new features. In the meantime, feel free to log into your Latchel portal to see how these features work!

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