Here’s What’s New in Latchel.

With today’s update, we’ve opened up key features to all Property Managers to configure in Latchel. We’ve always had these settings, but previously only the Latchel team could update them. Now, Property Managers can make updates on their own without waiting on our team.

What’s New?

[Now Live ✅] Managing Portfolios: Your properties can be grouped into portfolios with shared settings like budget limits, pre-dispatch contacts, escalation contacts, access instructions, and vendor preferences.

  • Create, remove and rename portfolios.
  • Add and remove properties to portfolios.
  • Add and reassign the primary PM or notification group for the portfolio.

[Now Live ✅] Managing Owners Configurations (Premium Plan): Create, update, and remove owners, as well as manage all owner-related settings.

  • Create, update, remove owners.
  • Add owners to properties.
  • Set approval notifications on owners.
  • Add files and notes to owner profiles.

[Now Live ✅] Manage escalation contacts lists, pre-dispatch instructions, notification groups, budget limits, and default access instructions:

Escalation contacts lists: Add a list of contacts that you want to be called in the event that an emergency request needs to be escalated. A request may be escalated if we require budget approval, no service providers are available, or if there is catastrophic damage.

Pre-dispatch instructions: Add a list of contacts to reach out to before dispatching a service provider. Add special instructions to prevent dispatching for certain types of issues. Add warranty information that may be required by dedicated service providers. Add helpful contextual advice for the team due to unique property conditions.

Notification Groups:  Add your Account Members into what we call Notification Groups. A notification group is basically a group of users that you want to receive the same notifications. You may then set the Notification Group to receive all of Latchel’s email notifications in the Maintenance Communications box on your company profile, the portfolio profile, or at an individual property level. This is helpful for creating visibility to multiple people when work orders are created, escalated, dispatched, and troubleshooted.

Budget Limits: Configure all budget limits in your owner agreements property by property or set them at a portfolio/company level. **Please note** To use our 24/7 Emergency service, your Emergency hard budget limit must be $250 at minimum.

Default Access Instructions: If you have lockbox codes or master key instructions for service providers, you can configure each property with default access instructions. These instructions will automatically appear on work orders sent to service providers. This is especially useful when we get permission to enter from residents because it simplifies scheduling and doesn’t require the resident to be on site for the service provider to perform work.

[Coming Soon ➡️] Be on the lookout for our step-by-step Customer Guides which will walk you through each one of these new features. In the meantime, feel free to log into your Latchel portal to see how these features work!

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