Accomplishment comes from action, not thought or talk. Nor can it be attained by wanting, hoping, or even just strategizing. Accomplishment is tactical. Dreaming of a goal is important, but in the end, accomplishment requires focused action. Fix, review, learn from previous errors, then take huge big actions again.

I’m so frequently astonished at the amount of folks who speak about ideas, but they truly translate into nothing. Saying something does not make it real unless you’re backing it with action, focus, and maybe most importantly time. Take new years goals, for example. People say things such as:

“My company will crush it this year. We’re going to be on fire!”

“We’re going to 10x our business.”

“My new home will be enormous.”

“I’ll make more income this year than any year before.”

These statements have not defined anything actionable though. These are ideas. Ideas without tactic and focus to produce the result that is desired. A few of the statements are somewhat obscure. Others possess an overstated feeling of pride or ego, but include no actual tactics. And all them do not really clarify what or how we’ll make things happen.

Write Down Your New Years Goals – Be Simple

Make the aims of your goals so clear and easy that anybody can understand them. When the aims are clear, you are in a position to produce a clear path and tactic for achieving them. Here are some examples of clear and simple goals that are actionable:

  1. Acquire a turnkey property management businesses that can be made profitable within 3 months of acquisition.

  2. Purchase my first investment property by home hacking a duplex that’s about 2 beds/2 baths and approximately 1,000 square feet each side, leasing for $900 a month.

  3. Save enough cash for my dream house: 4,000 square feet, near the hills, no longer than half an hour from the workplace, priced around $1MM, necessitating at least 250k or 20 percent down payment.

Formalize a Clear Strategy to Achievement

Review your targets with regularity, rather daily. Know the target and be excited and motivated to action. Wake up and review your goals. Go to sleep at night knowing the tactics required to achieve them.

As soon as you’ve laid out the goal, be certain you take a step back and strategize through the milestones. If your purpose is to save around $100K in income, then you need to know how much you have?

Know your following quarter pipeline. Review your present budget. Don’t have the data yet? Build it. Now you know your starting point. Set the path to achieve your goal. Be as tactical as possible.

As soon as you’ve determined the tactical objectives, the issue is now what actions to choose to achieve the desired result.

Get Assistance From Somebody Who’s Been There

If your aim is to possess, say, 100 homes, you have to talk with a person who has really owned 100 homes. There are many advisors and mentors that have opinions about ways to get you to where you wish to go. However, not all opinions will be valid. You need to get mentoring and help from somebody that has a company which resembles everything you need your company to look like.

Ask your mentors and advisors to help you stay focused. They’ll have a lot of stories about their own successes, but those may not always match up to this years goals. Make sure you can keep focus and attention on the tactics and actions that will achieve your goals for THIS YEAR. Don’t worry about next year just yet.

What I propose is that you just select one or two goals and work like hell in it. Make it apparent. Have a procedure and intend to trace your results. And after that objective is accomplished, then proceed to a different or larger target.

Deliver and Measure Results

If you are not monitoring your way to your target, it is not actually a target. And it certainly is not important for you. Your objective is meaningless, and you ought to reevaluate it.

Track what’s happening. When it’s that savings target, do you now have $15K set aside towards your $100K target? Are you tracking your growth month to month? Do you know that you’re on track? What’s stopping you? Can it be the earnings, or can it be that you are blowing too much money on anything else?

Make alterations. Spend less. Inspect and calibrate your activities to achieve the outcomes that you would like. Do not make excuses. Share what’s occurring with intimate friends or mentors who know and are helping to keep you accountable.

Let’s Wrap Up

First and foremost, do not just talk about it. Chatter and ideas are meaningless. The outcome is exactly what you’ve got from actions you’re going to take. Accomplishment equals how well you’ve planned, reviewed, implemented, and taken the appropriate actions to attain that objective. Thoughtfully choose, program, and perform.

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