Why Property Management is Immune to Social Media

Why Property Management is Immune to Social Media

I recently read an article from Cal Newport on the pitfalls of social media. It is an interesting read that I summarize here in this article, but I think it is instructive to pair his thoughts on social media with the property management industry. Property management, unlike most other businesses, has remained a belly to belly business in every way.

Many of our customers at Latchel do most of their business at networking events, through referral partners, or through word of mouth referrals. Happy customers standing belly to belly, talking to other happy customers. The majority of Latchel’s business comes from referrals. Make customer’s happy, and the benefits will be huge.

Book Summary: First-Time Landlord

Book Summary: First-Time Landlord’s First Time Landlord is a great resource for new landlords. The book’s subtitle is “Your Guide to Renting Out a Single-Family Home”. The book reads more like a reference manual than a guide. It is full of checklists, worksheets, and bulleted summaries of the information you may need.

Book Summary: The Effective Landlord

Book Summary: The Effective Landlord

Dan Lieberman’s The Effective Landlord is an essential read for any property investor or manager. It contains the basic formula for acquiring low quality properties and turning them into reliable positive cash flow machines.

  • Attractive properties can command higher rents.

  • Higher rents at desirable properties attract higher quality tenants.

  • Higher quality tenants commit fewer damages and move out less often.

  • Fewer damages, move outs, and higher rents generate greater profits.

  • Greater profits allow you to invest more into making properties more attractive.

  • And on and on as your wallet gets fatter and fatter and your tenants become happier and happier.


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