3 Ways To Succeed as a First Time Property Investor

3 Ways To Succeed as a First Time Property Investor

My family has been investing in real estate for several decades. My father made money and he lost money. I’ve put most of my investments into the software space, but vis-a-vis family, I've been really fortunate to get an inside look at what it takes to succeed as a property investor. All that experience has made me realize that you want to begin slow, small, and economical. The same way you’d build a software company.

Every first time property investor gets enthusiastic about investing and watching their capital grow. So they go and invest a whole great deal of money, they request their family and friends to provide them money, or they refinance the home in which they reside. They go out and buy a low quality, broken property attempting to replicate the TV shows they see on HGTV. Don’t be that person. Bad move, bad idea. So here are 3 ways to find success as a first time property investor.


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