Head of Finance & Business Intelligence


Latchel is a Y Combinator-backed, high growth, and well-funded startup seeking a Head of Finance & Business Intelligence for our core leadership team. We are a fully-remote company and invest heavily in creating a strong culture to keep us connected.


Latchel’s team is fully remote. When managing our operation “management by walking around” isn’t an option. We need timely and accurate insights into our team’s performance in order to manage them effectively. 

Many of our customers are also hungry for reporting and dashboards to help them understand their own businesses and operations better. We plan on building dashboards and reporting directly into Latchel, but in the meantime our customers need some custom reporting.

At Latchel, we thrive in a data-driven environment. We want to have the right data in place so we can make intelligent business decisions. Right now the team is constrained on how many accurate reports we can build simply due to a lack of Business Intelligence resources. Today, the primary BI person is the cofounder and COO. We are seeking a Head of Finance and Business Intelligence to lead and grow our finance, metrics, and reporting capabilities.


  1. Latchel has more demand for data and reporting than one person could possibly fulfil. You will need to grow your team with 2 additional Business Intelligence Analysts (likely international) to support you.
  2. We use Quickbooks, Xero, and Zeni.ai for our finance and bookkeeping. We run all of our business transactions through Stripe. We still need to fine tune and improve the integrations between these systems so we can have accurate P&Ls and reporting.  
  3. Latchel depends on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to set company, department, and team goals. Effective OKRs that are rooted in metrics individuals and teams have direct control over (i.e. true input metrics rather than vanity metrics) takes significant effort and knowledge. You will help organize and build our metrics and reporting dashboards so we know if we’re heading in the right direction as a company.


  1. Build, direct, oversee and manage the Finance & Business Intelligence team.
  2. Work with founders and senior leadership team to develop and track company goals. Continuously improve accuracy and usability of company metrics decks.
  3. Develop, establish, maintain, and enforce consistent and high standards for query and report quality within the Finance & BI team.
  4. Implement tools to empower Latchel team members to analyze data in a self-service fashion.
  5. Be a core member of the leadership team, participating in all business reviews and occasional board meetings.


You need to be experienced in building reports and dashboards yourself (SQL skills are a must), and also able to coach, guide, and manage a team of analysts reporting to you.

The key skill that will set you apart from other candidates is the ability to not only pull data and create reports, but to also understand the why behind a certain metric. In particular, if you are skilled at identifying when a metric is the incorrect measure for a certain business objective, then you will thrive in this position. Business intelligence is part science and part art. We are on a journey to discover the key levers that control the business. That journey of discovery should be exciting to you.

As a 100% fully remote team, we are open to international hires. We pay competitively based on national average wages but have limited capacity to pay based on your preferred metro area. We use opencomp.com to set US wages (and offer great medical, dental, vision, and 401k with 4% 1:1 matching). We pay international hires via letsdeel.com. The expected salary range is $149,100 – $184,100 depending on background, experience and preference. Equity and salary are balanced, ranging from 0.2% – 0.8%. In addition we have a performance based bonus tied to company and team goals. It will typically range from 3-7% of annual salary with a max of 10%.


  1. Send a resume and a brief introduction and why you’re interested in the role to jobs@latchel.com. Include [Fin/BI Mgr] in the subject line. 
  2. You will receive an invite to speak to a cofounder to ask questions about the company and the role.
  3. During this process, you will be asked to complete a SQL exercise,
  4. The Latchel team will review the SQL exercise and schedule a panel interview. 
  5. After the interviews, you will receive a decision within 1-2 business days.

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