Latchel VP Operations


Latchel is a Y Combinator-backed, high growth, and well-funded startup seeking a VP for our rapidly growing Operations team. We are a fully-remote company and invest heavily in creating a strong culture to keep us connected.

Our team is still small (~20 associates) and rapidly growing. There is ample opportunity to build and shape the department culture and people development process.


Latchel’s 24/7 Operations and Customer Service team is fully remote, globally distributed, and multilingual. Our team handles basic customer service inquiries (e.g. receive and process maintenance requests, basic technical support for users) in addition to maintenance operations (e.g. emergency troubleshooting, dispatching service providers, processing estimates and invoices). English is our primary language and we hire many Spanish speakers to service our US client base.

As a 24/7 operation, we face complex scheduling, staffing, and capacity planning challenges. As a rapidly growing startup, we face challenges growing and scaling the team while maintaining a high level of service. We have a strong continuous improvement as well as radical innovation culture. This creates a dynamic environment where new products are being launched that require new processes to support and continuous change and refinement as we hone in the best way to support our customers.

We face the classic “Build the plane while you’re flying it,” problem, along with a healthy dose of  “Oh by the way, the second engine is on fire.” We want fewer engine fires, but we understand that’s the price of growing as fast as we are.


  1. We have a strong sales pipeline. As we add more customers we need more agents to support our customers. You will improve and refine our hiring, onboarding, training so we can more than triple our team over the next 12 months.
  2. We know where we want to head and we need your help building the map on how to get there. You will need to help translate company goals into specific, individual and team performance measures. You will need to tweak and improve the specific metrics to ensure we are truly measuring the right inputs so we can drive out business goals.
  3. We need to build actionable and continuous feedback loops so we can improve our individual, team, and company performance. Once we have the right metrics and data in place, you will create a strategy to use that data to drive better performance from our team.


  1. We have hired some really excellent customer service and operations associates with a lot of growth potential. You will develop a career development strategy for our associates so they can grow and continue to be engaged within Latchel.
  2. Continuous improvement is everyone’s responsibility. Sadly, most companies rely on “experts” to come in and drive continuous improvement rather than empowering associates to improve their own work areas. Implementing a continuous improvement strategy that engages the full team will drive lasting results for Latchel.


  1. Direct, oversee and manage day-to-day operations.
  2. Work with founders and senior leadership team to develop and drive company goals.
  3. Establish decision making process and manage capacity planning, hiring, scheduling, onboarding and ongoing training.
  4. Develop and drive vendor management strategies and tools.
  5. Create and establish tools and mechanisms to enable operations scalability while maintaining high service quality.
  6. Develop continuous improvement and radical innovation strategy within operations.
  7. Hiring and development of operations team.


We are a startup, you will not always have a staff to execute your strategy on your behalf. You’ll often have to roll up your sleeves and build and establish tools yourself to help the company realize your vision. We expect to continue a mode of hypergrowth for the next several years (and beyond!). Over the past year we’ve been averaging just under 30% month over month growth. And expect the Operations and Customer Service team to be more than 3x its current size within 12 months. It is essential that you have experience growing teams from less than 20 to 100+.

While it is not essential to have experience managing fully remote teams, it is a major plus. If you do not have experience with remote or distributed teams, then we expect you to have strong expertise in data-driven management practices.

We have a unique compensation structure. We let employees pick their preferred mix of salary and equity. This ranges from $139,300 – $159,600/year depending on your preference. In addition you will be granted equity via options (ranging from 0.14% – 0.37%).

We also have great medical, dental, vision plans nationwide plus 401k matching (4% 1:1) and other benefits.


  1. Send a resume and a brief introduction and why you’re interested in the role to Include [VP Operations] in the subject line.
  2. You will receive an invite to speak to the COO Will Gordon to ask questions about the company and the role.
  3. During this process, you will be asked for a writing sample (limit 500 words): Describe a time you had to implement a less than ideal workaround solution in order to meet an urgent business need. What was the ideal solution? Why wasn’t it feasible? What did you put in place instead? How did it go?
  4. The Latchel team will review the writing sample and schedule a panel interview. You will also have the opportunity for 1:1 conversations with your future team members and peers.
  5. After the interviews, you will receive a decision within 1-2 business days.

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