Sr. Operations Product Manager

Do You Want to Grow a Small Team and Have a Big Impact?

Latchel is a Y Combinator-backed, high growth, and well-funded startup seeking a Senior Operations Product Manager for our rapidly growing team. We are a fully-remote company and invest heavily in creating a strong culture to keep us connected.

We have 4 engineers and currently the founders run product. We need a Senior Product Manager to take over product management. You will work with our engineering team, design team, operations team, and customers to improve our core application experience.

Our Operations Product Challenges

We are a tech-enabled operations company. This means our technology is designed to solve real-world operations challenges and simplify the oftentimes ugly interface between technology and the real world.

Our clients are property managers and we act as their 24/7 maintenance department. This means our software has a diverse range of users: the property managers, their tenants, their (and our own) contractors, their clients (the property owners), as well as our in-house operations team and on-demand maintenance troubleshooters.

If you enjoy creating simplicity where others see complexity, this is a great opportunity for you.

Early Problems to Solve

  • We need to create better continuous feedback loops to measure and improve our team’s customer service quality and operational effectiveness. While we have a handful of performance proxies (e.g. how well we hit SLAs, some customer feedback data points), our needs will evolve as we scale the team from 20 – 150+ associates. It is critical to our success to key in on and implement the appropriate metrics and measurement tools.
  • We are constantly developing new services and products for our customers. We need to develop and implement workflows for our customer service and operations team to support these new services. There will be a mix of new technology development and new process development that needs to be designed and implemented.
  • Rental home maintenance coordination involves many different parties (e.g. property managers, service providers, residents, property owners). We need to continue to improve our platform to reduce the friction any of these user types feel as they interact with Latchel. In addition, we cannot wait for technology to be developed tomorrow to solve today’s problems. We must develop workarounds and interim solutions while we wait for technology to be rolled out.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Be a founding member of our product team within a high growth startup. You will improve our product practices and help grow our product team.
  2. Work closely with the engineering and founder team to help meet company goals.
  3. Identify where there are needs to improve our process, design, or anything in the company and help make it better.
  4. We are initially hiring 2 positions who will work in concert with one another. One’s main area of responsibility will be enabling the design and engineering teams to be maximally effective. The other’s will primarily focus on developing new processes and implementing solutions for our operations and customer service team. Both will work together to design and prioritize solutions to help Latchel meet its goals.

Compensation and Qualifications

We are hiring experienced product managers who are capable of working independently and as part of a team. Unfortunately as such a small company we cannot support junior level product managers at this time. We expect you to have familiarity and well-developed technical expertise in product management tools and best practices and the professional maturity required to work remotely. This generally means 5+ years of experience but this is a guideline not a rule. We expect this team to grow significantly and want these first two hires to be the foundation of a much larger team. Experience in building teams is a plus.

We are a heavy operations focused B2B company. Our product impacts the real world and your must design for the often messy interface between digital bits and real world operations. This is best if you have experience working on B2B platforms, especially with real-world operations components. Think about product for Uber, not Dropbox.

We use to set salary and equity. For hires outside of the US, we use to pay (and also base salaries off of and a generous cost of living adjustment)

For our US hires, we also have great nationwide medical, dental, and vision plans and a 401k (with matching!). International hires can purchase medical and other benefits through Deel.

Interview Process & How to Apply

Here’s what to expect from the interview process.

  1. Apply by sending your resume and a brief introduction to with [Ops Product] in the subject line.
  2. You will receive a link to schedule a brief phone call with one of the founders. We’ll explain more about the company and answer any questions you have.
  3. We are a fully remote company. All interviews will be conducted on Google Meet.

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