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Latchel gives you many customization options for dispatching. You can customize user groups, pre-dispatch instructions, default access instructions, escalation contacts, work order budget limits, and preferred vendors. Each of these configurations can be done at the Company Level (highest), Portfolio Level (lower), or Property Level (lowest). Configurations set at the Company Level are automatically applied to lower levels (Portfolio & Property).

You can then use the inherited configurations of the level above or override the inherited configurations. As we discussed, Latchel has 3 tiers- Property Level configurations will always override Portfolio Level & Company Level configurations. Portfolio Level configurations will always override the Company Level configurations. Please see the diagram below to learn about these inheritance rules (Budget Limits were used as an example):

Video Overview

Vendor Inheritance

Vendor inheritance is a special case. When you turn vendor inheritance ON, you have the option to ADD vendors to the top of your preferred vendor list AND inherit the parent level.

  • For example, if you create a portfolio, this portfolio can inherit the vendor rules from the company AND add a few vendors on top to be called first. The vendors added to the portfolio take precedence over the inherited vendors from the company level.

You can choose to override inheritance (e.g. don’t inherit at all) and turn this feature OFF for your portfolio and/or property.

  • This means we will only look to dispatch vendors that are prioritized for that portfolio or property. We will NOT look at parent level vendor prioritization.

You can also “copy” the parent level preferred vendor list to re-arrange priorities entirely (this overrides inheritance and makes it easier to start with a pre-existing list).

  • Please note: the “copy” will need to be maintained separately from the company level or portfolio level. You will have 2 independent lists to manage. Preferences updates and the level that was copied will NOT transfer to the level that received the copied priorities.

Links to Step-by-Step Guides

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