Hi everyone,

As concerns continue to grow surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we know how important it is to come together as an industry to stay as informed and safe as possible. Sharing vital knowledge and resources for support surrounding the ever-changing implications of Coronavirus is key to this, so I wanted to share what Latchel is doing to help during these challenging times.

What we’ve already done:

Latchel has been a fully remote company since its founding, so we have no internal disruptions in our services, and we’ve been able to help provide remote work tools to those transitioning. You can:

  • Check out our blog post on managing remote work culture, accountability, and efficiency.
  • Tune into our video session where we go in depth on tools you can use as you transition.

What we are currently doing:

Latchel is offering financial assistance and additional support to customers utilizing our 24/7 Home Assistant.

Our 24/7 Home Assistant was built to provide additional profit to businesses. This gives our customers maintenance coordination at ZERO cost, and can help alleviate any financial burdens being experienced in business. If you’d like to chat with us about how we can help in this way, you can do so here.

In addition, we’ll be continually updating this page where you can:

  • Track relevant updates like:
    • Eviction, property tax, and mortgage moratoriums nationwide, and other industry relevant news updates.
    • Guidance from government, safety, and industry officials as we continue to operate.
    • Live updates on Coronavirus spread nationwide.
  • Connect to resources like:
    • Small business loan guidance and opportunities available.
    • Tools and companies providing things like:
      • Rent default insurance
      • Security deposit alternatives (gives tenants ability to get their security deposit back to help financially during this time).
      • Virtual showing tools.
    • Online communities and forums where industry professionals are sharing & discussing valuable information on working through Coronavirus.
  • Learn & Implement new online tools with our ever-growing lists of guidance for remote work transitions.

It’s been said that those who work in the property management industry are habitually wired to handle anything. We believe that to be true, and we are here to support in any way we can as we all adjust to new norms.

Stay safe,

Ethan Lieber, Latchel CEO

Latchel is offering NO COST services to customers during Coronavirus.

Click here to learn more from one of our team members.

Proposed & Enacted Eviction Moratoriums in the US

These bans on evictions mean that property owners cannot file for new evictions and existing eviction cases will not be addressed until later. This does not mean rent is not still owed, but hearings will not take place until the suspensions are lifted.

Are we missing something? Let us know at coronavirus@latchel.com

State Wide Eviction Moratoriums

Arizona until mid July

California until May 31

Delaware until April 16

Hawaii until further notice

Illinois until April 8

Indiana until further notice

Iowa until April 16

Kansas until May 1

Kentucky until further notice

Louisiana until further notice

Maryland until further notice

Michigan until April 17

Minnesota until further notice

New Hampshire until further notice

New Jersey until mid May

New York until further notice

Nevada until further notice

North Carolina until April 15

Oregon until mid June

Pennsylvania until April 3

Rhode Island until mid April

South Carolina until May 1

Texas until April 19

Washington until May 17

Wisconsin until May 27

Cities/Counties with Eviction Moratoriums

Denver, CO until further notice

Boston, MA until mid May

Miami, FL until further notice

Orlando, FL until further notice

Cleveland, OH until mid May

Atlanta, GA until mid May

Locations with Proposed Eviction Moratoriums


Last Update: Thursday, April 23, 2020

Relevant News Updates:

Relief for Property Managers:

Track Disease Spread In the US:

Helpful Community Forums for Property Managers and Landlords:



Facebook Groups:

The Landlord Roundtable

Property Management Mastermind

Bigger Pockets: Here’s What To Do With Tenants Unable to Pay Rent Due to Coronavirus

Tools to Consider:

Rent Default Insurance:

Security Deposit Alternatives:

(helps get tenants deposit back if they are struggling financially)

Options for Self Showing Features:

Tools For Effective Remote Work

Latchel has been a fully remote company since its founding. Check out our full article on keeping strong communication, alignment, and community while working from home.

Work From Home Tips:

  • Maintain regular hours. Set a schedule and stick to it. 

  • Create a morning routine outside of work to give yourself the necessary headspace you need before diving in. 

  • Schedule 15 minute breaks every 90-120 minutes and take them in their entirety. 

  • Set ground rules with those you are sharing a space with.

  • Keep a dedicated office space if possible.

Remote Work Efficiency:

  • Increase written communication & knowledge sharing instead of verbal explanations to enhance processes. 

  • Have video turned ON during remote meetings to keep team members engaged and communication effective. 

  • Slack is an amazing chat tool that we recommend you download. It is free to use and easy to learn. Team can communicate on the web and through the mobile app.

Watch the Replay of Our Webinar for More In-Depth Knowledge Sharing:

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