Customer Success Manager

Do You Want to Join a Small Team and Have a Big Impact?

Latchel is a Y Combinator-backed, high-growth, and well-funded startup seeking a Customer Success Manager for our growing Customer Success team. We are a fully remote company and invest heavily in creating a strong culture to keep us connected.

Our Customer Success Challenges

Property management companies come in many different shapes and sizes. There is no standard process property managers use to fulfill maintenance. With that said, each Property Management company signs up with Latchel to achieve certain business goals. Once identified, we can assess what pain points may arise in the future relationship based on Latchel’s own performance. As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll need to identify and articulate the single biggest risk to achieving those goals and strategize on how to mitigate that risk as you meet with key decision-makers within our client companies.

Latchel is not a silver bullet that will solve all maintenance problems. It will take hard work and effort on both Latchel’s and the Property Manager’s part to clean up some of the chaos in the customer’s existing maintenance operation. Fortunately, the Customer Success Manager is an expert in operations processes and can help customers identify areas to focus their effort and improve.

Lastly, the Latchel application is constantly evolving. The key is to coach, train, and solve business problems using our product. This requires a customer advocate to help drive improvements to the product and the outcomes it facilitates and delivers to customers.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Maintain a deep knowledge of our products and features
  2. Understand clients’ needs and requirements and propose suitable solutions
  3. Provide customers with comprehensive product/service trainings
  4. Upsell products to customers
  5. Ensure customer satisfaction
  6. Collect customer referrals
  7. Work with the customer to make sure they can extract the most value from the product during their journey with Latchel. The customer success manager understands how to get the most out of Latchel and helps implement solutions to the customer’s problems.
  8. Audit system customizations to ensure they are what the client wants, needs, and desires
  9. Aid in product design and product development

What Does the Work Look Like?

  1. The goal is to get customers to meet their business goals using Latchel. We help them achieve these goals by regularly meeting with key customer accounts. These meetings will vary from weekly, monthly, and quarterly depending on customer size and complexity. You are responsible for driving a customized action plan for each customer so they can achieve their specific business goals using Latchel.
  2. To understand if a customer is meeting their business goals (and assess Latchel’s general performance for the customer), you will review work order service issues, identify trends, themes, and root causes, and use performance metrics to gain insight into what’s going wrong. You will identify what needs to be improved to help the customer meet their goals.
  3. You will collaborate across several teams to research what is going wrong and implement improvements for customers.

Compensations and qualifications

We have a unique compensation structure. We let employees pick their preferred mix of salary and equity.

This ranges from $68,600 – $84,700/year depending on your experience and selection.  In addition, Account Managers are granted equity via options (ranging from $16k – $25k).

We also have great medical, dental, vision plans nationwide plus 401k matching (4%) and other benefits.

How to apply

We ask that you create and deliver a personal Customer Success Manager creed. This should be a short one-page or less personal proclamation of how you would carry out your duties as a Customer Success Manager at Latchel. Go here to apply.

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