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Dashboard 2.0!

The Latchel Team
November 2, 2021
latchel Dashboard 2.0 Software Engineer

We are launching a new maintenance dashboard where you can view all of your resident’s maintenance requests and easily see which jobs need your help! Check it out here!

What’s new in Dashboard 2.0?

(3 mins) An overview of DB2, highlighting what’s new and where you can find the stuff you’re used to seeing.

Which jobs are included in the ‘Action Required’ Section?

This is our way of telling you which jobs the Latchel system detects as being “in trouble” and needing the attention of you or someone at your company. Specifically, jobs will show up in this section IF

  • The job has an open ‘task.’
  • The task is assigned to you or someone at your company
  • The job is “open” (i.e. not Cancelled or Completed)

(4 mins) Deep dive on the action required section

How do filters work?

(2 mins) Deep Dive on Filters

What can I learn from the “Status Board?”

(2 min) Deep dive on the status board

How do I get back to the “old dashboard?”

(10 secs) Old Dashboard

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👋 Join us for a special webinar Thursday, January 11th