Quick and easy

Pre-screen requests from tenants so that you focus on the important stuff.


protect your time

Get paged with a phone call ONLY when there is an emergency issue at your property.


Improve Renter Happiness

Make it easy for tenants to submit requests.

Latchel’s Maintenance Portal

the power of a 24/7 Maintenance portal:

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of the maintenance request.

  • Built-in troubleshooting with a Q&A for tenants.

  • Get paged with a phone call for emergency issues.

  • Only get emailed for non-emergencies.

  • Give your tenants a seamless maintenance experience and protect your phone number.

Try the Tenant Experience

Below is a demo of what your tenants see and experience. To get the full experience for yourself, sign up and put in a test maintenance request.

Being a landlord has never been easier. You ONLY get a phone call if your tenant has a TRUE emergency issue. All other requests get sent to your email. Everything else can be taken care of on your time.

— Ethan Lieber, CEO