Home Assistant Assets

All of the templates you’ll need for your residents, owners, and vendors to get successfully set up with Latchel’s Home Assistant program. 

Home Assistant Assets:

Resident Addendum

This addendum template is to be added into your standard lease flow.

You are required by our agreement to include Home Assistant on new leases and renewals. This is also how you achieve maximum revenue share and enhance the living experience for all residents.

Caution! Latchel makes all renewals and new leases opt-in. Make sure you complete this step so that you require payment of Home Assistant in your resident’s lease.

Resident Welcome Packet

This asset is for new residents – this is their welcome packet which goes over all of the program benefits.

Current Residents: We recommend sharing this packet with them at lease renewal. It covers much of the same benefits they read about in their offer letter.

New Residents: We recommend including this packet in your Resident Welcome Packet.

Make sure to add this into your current packet so that residents know about everything they can get with Home Assistant.

***  You may enter in your dedicated Latchel phone number in the light colored box on the PDF download before sending out to residents. 

Vendor Notification Template

This template is for you to send to your preferred vendors to ensure a successful partnership. 

We recommend using the below email copy and attaching this template after you’ve customized it to your company: 

Hi [Name], 

We’ve partnered with a company called Latchel to increase our tenant experience. Latchel helps with coordination and scheduling of work orders. Please take a look at the attached link describing how we’ll be coordinating work orders going forward.  

Please communicate with Latchel for work orders instead of working through our office. We won’t be able to help move things along as easily as Latchel. Latchel uses heavily uses SMS to coordinate, but they also let you manage work orders on their web links so that you have full control of the work order.

We’re excited to work with you and hope you’ll work with us on this new program! We’re fully committing to the platform and increasing our tenant experience. Thank you for all of your help with our maintenance needs! We’re excited to continue building our businesses together. 

Owner Notification Template

This template includes suggested communication to your owners to notify them of the extra care being taken to their property and residents with Home Assistant.

It lays out the biggest owner benefits of Home Assistant.

Owner Benefit Marketing Packet

The items in this packet can be used in your marketing to highlight the benefits prospective owners would be getting with Home Assistant when signing up with your company.

They are created as slides to be used in sales decks, or the images can be used in sections of your website.