How do I get notified when tenants opt-out/in? 

  1. When Latchel receives an opt-in or opt-out request from your tenant, we will email the assigned Property Manager for that property. Once you receive this email from our team, your team will need to add/remove the GL code for that unit. Please note, you should not remove the GL code for units that have a mandatory signed lease addendum.
When does Latchel bill me?
  1. Latchel processes Home Assistant payments on the 14th of every month. We give your residents until the 1st of the month to opt-in or opt-out.
How do I choose who gets notified for opt-out/ins?
  1. We will email the property’s assigned Property Manager in Latchel.
Who does Latchel send the invoice to?
  1. We send invoices to the billing email on file. To update this, please contact your Customer Success Manager by emailing success@latchel.com.
What if a resident has opted out of the program, but call to submit a work order? How does Latchel handle that request? 
  1. The resident can submit their maintenance requests; however, the resident will lose all Home Assistant benefits.
How do you bill vacant units?
  1. You will not be billed for vacant units.

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