You can configure your properties where non-emergency pre-approval is required. To do this, you will want to customize the Warranty Information field for the property. Adding information to this field will result in ALL non-emergency work orders (for that property) being automatically sent to your for approval and direction before dispatching occurs.

**Note: This will not prevent Latchel from dispatching emergencies. Latchel does not coordinate with Home Warranty companies. If there is an emergency at a property covered by a Home Warranty, Latchel will still try to resolve the emergency. If it can be de-escalated, Latchel will not send the work to the Home Warranty company on your behalf.

Step 1. Log into your Latchel portal.

Step 2. Click the Properties tab from the top navigation menu on your portal.

Step 3. Click on the property address. This will take you to the property profile page.

Step 4. From the property profile page, locate the Warranty Information field and add your text. Click Save.

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