The property on a Work Order is used to reflect what address Latchel is coordinating the request on.

NOTE: Latchel can only have 1 address per Work Order, so if multiple units are affected, multiple requests must be opened for coordination unless resolving the issue in 1 unit solves it for the rest.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1). From a Work Order click on the 3 dots located next to the Property modal, click Reassign

Step 2). Search and select the desired address

Step 3). Select the appropriate box based on whether the unit is vacant or occupied

Step 4a): If you select Mark Property as Vacant you must provide access instructions before clicking Submit

Step 4b). If the property is occupied you will be prompted to Select or Create New Resident, after click Submit

NOTE: All residents for a property will be texted for updated availability regardless of which primary is selected.


Any users on an integration will not have the ability to Create New Residents and will be required to go through their integration process to add or remove new residents.

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