Sometimes additional approval or information is required on your end and you’d like a work order request to be placed on hold. You have 4 options to select from and based on the information and timeline you provide, a Latchel representative will follow up with the correct party.

  1. Waiting for PM: The work order will be placed on hold and the property manager is responsible for whatever the next step is
  2. Waiting for Materials: Latchel will follow up with whoever is responsible for obtaining materials to continue scheduling the job.
  3. Waiting for Owner Approval: The Property manager obtaining approval from the owner to continue coordination. If configured properly, Latchel can optionally send the initial request for approval to the owner, but the property manager is still responsible for obtaining final approval or denial.
  4. Pending: Any other reason where a work order can not be moved forward. For example, the Resident is out on Vacation for 14 days or otherwise is unavailable for an extended period of time.

Work orders will remain on hold and Latchel will cease any coordination until either the task date is reached or until the responsible property manager updates the work order.


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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1). From the work order page, click the Take Action Button. Next, select Put this Job on Hold

Step 2). Fill out all of the requested information as accurately as possible then click Submit



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