You will need to use Google Chrome to execute this process.


  • Objective
  • Step by Step Guide


In the event of running our software or data sync tools, if you come across a bug or if the tool gets stuck, please report it to us so we can continue to improve your experience with our product. To enable our tech team to resolve your issue quickly, we will need details of what you are experiencing. The process below will guide you to provide those details.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare to Record the Issue

Recording the issue while it is happening is the best way to explain what you are experiencing. In order to record your screen, you can use this free Google extension called “screencastify”, which you can download from To install it, click on the “Add to Chrome” button and follow the prompts. It will be added to your Google Extension menu located on the Chrome browser on the left side of your  Google login icon. It will either be already pinned to your browser, or you will open the Google Extension menu, find it and pin it.

Next, you will need to run the extension to complete the install and see a short demo on how to use the tool. To learn more about how to use Screencastify, you can watch this YouTube video –

Step 2: Open the Google Chrome Console Developer Tool

In addition to recording the issue, it is extremely helpful to our tech team to see the codes detailing the description of the issue. Google Chrome has a tool that inspects each action taken on a page and shows the issues found. To open that tool, click on the three dots beside your Google Login icon, click on “More Tools” and “Developer Tools

The screen will split in two with the developer tool showing on the right side. Click on the “Console” tab, which is the tool to inspect and report issues within that tab.

Step 3: Reproduce and Record the Issue

Whenever you come across a bug in our software, turn on the screen recording, open the Console Developer Tool, and repeat the steps or actions you have taken that resulted in the issue. Once you finish reproducing the issue, you will see codes highlighted in red.

If you are experiencing an issue with the Latchel Data Sync Plugin, open your Property Management Software home page, run the sync and as soon as the sync is stuck, stop the recording and see if the Console Developer Tool shows something in red, like in the example below:

Step 4: Share it with us

The video you recorded you be stored in Screencastify and you can choose different methods to share from there. It is easier to get a shareable link to this video in your drive. Click on “Copy shareable link

Go to your email account to send an email to the Customer Success team-

In the body of the email, please provide a short description of what has happened and let us know where you are experiencing this issue. Please also paste the link to your video (press Ctrl V). See below a template you can use to submit your issue:


  • My name:
  • This is what I was trying to do:
  • This is what happened:
  • This is where I experienced the issue (include link to the webpage):
  • This is the link to the screen recording:
  • If you have questions, use this contact information: