The Latchel SMS feature makes it possible to send SMS messages to your residents, preferred service providers, and owners directly from your Latchel portal. Latchel SMS provides several advantages for you if you wish to improve customer relations and communication flow.

These SMS messages are sent from your Latchel Communication Phone Number. This number can be found on your account under Maintenance Communication Settings. Note, this is a different number than your Latchel-Assigned Phone Number, which is given to residents to submit work orders.

Follow the step-by-step guide to start sending SMS messages.


  • Objective
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    • Step-by-Step Guide
      • Initiate an SMS Conversation
      • Open Incoming SMS Messages
      • Assigning SMS Messages to Yourself or Team Members
      • Closing SMS Messages

Step-by-Step Guide

Initiate an SMS Conversation

Step 1. To know if an individual has a text-enabled phone, you will see an SMS icon by the phone number. Click on the SMS icon to open up the SMS interface.

Step 2. Type your message in the text field and press enter on your keyboard to send the message.

Please note, if you cannot send an SMS message to someone, check the SMS icon to see if the number is valid or textable. A red icon will appear next to the number if at any point we attempted to send an SMS message to that user and the message failed to be delivered. This can happen if the number is a landline, disconnected, etc. When this happens, we mark it as an undeliverable message to prevent any new messages from being sent to it. If the number is invalid as such, please escalate the issue to our Customer Success team by emailing 

Open Incoming SMS Messages

Step 1. Click on the Open SMS Queue icon with a red circle containing a number (The number in a circle represents how many conversations are open that have not been assigned to anyone on your team yet). These are “New” messages.

Step 2. Select a conversation to review the past messages to form a response back. Once you send a response back, the chat will be assigned to you. If you don’t send a response, other team members accessing your company portal may grab the same SMS conversation.

Assigning SMS Messages to Yourself or Team Members

Step 1. Click the ellipse icon on the upper right-hand side of the SMS interface.

Step 2.  Select Assign Conversation.

Step 3. Look for your name or the team member from the list of account members.

Step 4. You may confirm it was assigned to you by checking the SMS icon on the top right part of the portal. Click Users to view you and your team’s active/past conversations.

Closing/Ending SMS Messages

Step 1. Click on the ellipse on the right-hand side of the SMS interface to End the Conversation, or Close the Window.

“End Conversation” Click this option if you are still waiting on a reply but would like to completely close out the SMS conversation.

  1. “End Conversations” Unassigns the team member that had been working on it previously.

“Close Window” – Click this option to close the conversation window in your portal but leaving it active. This option leaves the conversation assigned to you and allows you to access or return to it later.

  1. “Close Window” keeps the conversation assigned to the team member that last responded.

  2. When a new SMS comes in, the messages will be automatically assigned to you.

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