When prioritizing your preferred service providers, you can specify if Latchel should contact the service provider for emergencies, non-emergencies, or both!


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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. Click on People from the top navigation menu.

Step 2. Click on Vendors.

Step 3. From the Categories & Prioritization page, you will see a list of your prioritized service providers. Click on the ellipsis next to the service provider.

Step 4. Click on Edit Settings.

Step 5. From here, you can modify if the service provider should be contacted for Emergency jobs, Non-emergency jobs, or both. Select your preference from the drop-down list nested under the text, “

Please note, this setting is modifiable for the service provider and each trade (skill category) they are assigned to. Meaning, if you have a service provider that is prioritized for Appliance jobs and HVAC jobs, you will need to modify the job severity setting for the service provider under the Appliance skill category AND the HVAC skill category. This setting does not carry over to additional skill categories the service provider might be assigned to.

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