Maintenance Made Easy

Never take a maintenance call again with Latchel’s 24/7 maintenance coordination services for the busy landlord.

How To Sign Up:

We’ve partnered with RentRedi to offer our 24/7 maintenance coordination services to landlords.

Click the button below to get pricing and sign up for Latchel via RentRedi. Or, keep scrolling to learn more about what we offer and how our different services work.

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Results That Raise The Bar

Save Time

Spend 80% less time coordinating maintenance.

Keep Your Investments Protected

Never miss an emergency. Backed by Latchel’s $1,000,000 insurance policy.

Improve Tenant Happiness

Latchel averages a 4.7 out of 5 star rating for resident satisfaction.

Using Latchel Within RentRedi

Full Visibility for Every Request

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How Does it Work?

1. We receive your tenant request

Your tenant calls or texts us at the dedicated line we provide to you!

You receive a realtime email notification letting you know that we received a request.

3. Deep Dive Troubleshooting

Our in-house team of maintenance experts troubleshoots with the tenant over the phone. We prevent an unnecessary dispatch of a contractor.

2. Screen for Emergencies

We catch emergencies with 100% accuracy by pairing our experienced team with powerful software.

4. Dispatch a Contractor

We dispatch a contractor if we can’t troubleshoot the issue. We can dispatch your favorite contractors or a Latchel contractor.

We notify you if we fix the issue on the phone.

We tell you which contractor goes out and when they will arrive at the property.

5. Follow-up to Resolve

We follow up at the end of the contractor’s appointment to make sure everything got fixed. We follow up with both the tenant and the contractor.

We notify you when the job is finished

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Customer Reviews

Holland Real Estate Management - Latchel

Michael Finklestein

Holland Real Estate Management

This is one of the best kept secrets for property managers. I would recommend Latchel to anyone who wants the piece of mind that their maintenance is being handled by a competent team that will handle any situation in a responsible way. Thank you Latchel!

Blue Roof Property Management - Latchel

James White

Blue Roof Property Management

Jorge and his team at Latchel takes great care of us and our tenants which in turn is great for our property owners too. This coordination has saved me a ton of time, provided a high level of customer service and transparency to our maintenance process! Use them!

Real Time Leasing - Latchel Customer Review

Janelle Nielson

Real Time Leasing

Latchel has really helped our company offer professional services to our clients and tenants. They are detailed and timely. Staff both supportive and management have been great to work with!

Shoe Realty & Management - Latchel Customer Review

Lisa Scheuneman

Shoe Realty & Management

Latchel is the best! They are very responsive and always available when needed. I never have to monitor work orders anymore, I just know they are taking care of them. This peace of mind gives me time to work in other areas of my business. They are a great company that I highly recommend.

Rincon Property Management - Latchel Customer Review

Peter McKenzie

Rincon Property Management

I’ve worked with Latchel for several years now. They are responsive and open to input to help make their service even better. I highly recommend them!

Nestidd 360 - Latchel Customer Review

Andrew Parker

Nestidd 360

Latchel has been instrumental in providing excellent property management services. They are quick, flexible, friendly.


Latchel is currently only taking sales appointments for companies operating over 75 units.

If you’re a landlord operating under 75 units, you can sign up for our services via RentRedi.

The cost of Latchel’s services vary depending on which level of service you choose to enroll in.

For 24/7 Emergency Service: 

$25/month +$4/month per unit

For Full Coordination Service: 

$25/month + $12/month per unit

You can learn more about the different service levels via RentRedi.

Yes! Latchel can prioritize your preferred vendors so we always call them first for a job.

If your preferred vendors are unavailable, or if you don’t have any preferred vendors, we’ll use vendors from the Latchel Contractor Network.

You choose your budget limits and we enforce them. If any work will be over budget, we escalate to you (or someone else that you designate) to get approval.