Latchel Launch Manager


Latchel is a Y Combinator-backed, high growth, and well-funded startup seeking a Launch Manager for our Customer Success team. We are a fully-remote company and invest heavily in creating a strong culture to keep us connected.

Our team is still small and nimble and there are ample advancement and growth opportunities inside of Latchel.


Property management companies come in many different shapes and sizes. There is no standard process property managers use to fulfill maintenance. If Latchel did not create a standard, then it would never be able to achieve scale. However, we would never grow quickly enough if we required every property management company to transform their processes before using Latchel. The key is to understand a property management company’s existing setup and processes and uncover ways to fit Latchel’s standard process into the management’s company’s current operations. This requires being both an expert in Latchel’s system and being an empathetic problem solver who can help property managers understand how their current process can remain relatively unchanged, just easier to manage.

We cannot expect our customers to become experts in Latchel’s system and process before they start using our service. Our system is incredibly flexible and can be configured to meet nearly every property manager’s unique rules and way of running business. However, this requires a translator to understand what a property manager needs, why it is important, and how that will be implemented in Latchel to meet those goals.


  1. Quickly and effectively move property management customers through onboarding so they can begin service.

  2. Identify gaps in our onboarding process and help improve them to make future onboardings go more smoothly.

  3. Help educate new customers on how they will operate with Latchel. Without this education and the correct mental model, they may be confused why Latchel operates the way it does.

  4. Oftentimes a customer has a specific edge case or scenario that is incredibly important to them. 99% of the time, Latchel is able to meet most or all of that need through our existing configuration and customization capabilities. Many times, these specific edge cases are only surfaced during the onboarding process (i.e. the customer would not even think of this scenario during the sales process, even if prompted). If a customer feels Latchel cannot meet this need, they will likely abandon adopting Latchel. You need to understand this edge case and invent a way to meet that requirement using the tools available to you via the Latchel system.


  1. Lead onboarding process with new customers: ensure they have implemented all of the changes on their end and ensure Latchel is correctly and completely configured so they can begin service successfully.

  2. Customize and adapt onboarding tools and checklists to meet individual customer needs. Continuously improve onboarding processes to ensure a better experience for future customers.

  3. Work with management and leadership to identify and understand trends and systemic performance issues related to specific customer types.


It is incredibly important to be able to listen and understand property managers’ problems. You must understand their current processes, the non-standard portions of their process, and why these exceptions are important to them. Generally, this means having a background or expertise in property management is a big advantage in this role.

There is another large component of project management in this role. Onboarding and configuration is a complex, multi-party coordination process. If you have experience in complex project management, you will excel in this role.

Finally, there is a soft sales component to this role. Throughout the onboarding process new problems and customer needs are uncovered. If you have experience in consultative sales, you will be able to understand those needs and then help the customer see how Latchel can solve their needs.

Starting salary ranges between $74,100 – $91,000 with ample opportunity to advance. Latchel offers great medical, dental, vision, and 401k matching (4% 1:1).


  1. Send an email to and include [Launch Manager] in the subject line (with square brackets). Include your resume, a brief introduction including why you’re interested in the role, and a short video introduction. In the video, please answer the following prompt: Think about the last project you managed end to end. Please describe the systems and tools you used to keep track of the project and all the moving parts.
  2. After your application is received, you will receive an email inviting you to a brief meeting with a hiring manager.
  3. Then we will schedule a panel interview with 4 people (typically two interviews, 45 minutes each). We will then give you our decision within 1-2 business days.

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