How It Works


Instead of waking you up at midnight or interrupting your work day, your tenants text Latchel’s SMS Line. Our AI takes your tenant through an emergency diagnostic ensuring that you’re not woken up or interrupted for a non-emergency issue.

Our AI is built to know which maintenance issues could cause property damage or could be habitability issues based on state law. Latchel currently screens and coordinates maintenance requests for over 28,000 units across the USA. We’re experts in screening for emergency issues.

Real-Time Pager System and Notifications


Emergencies: Our AI will call your team immediately if your tenant has an emergency issue. In fact, we’ll call multiple times and leave several voicemails if your on-call rotation doesn’t pick up. We know how important it is to alert the team when your property may be facing damage or an illegal habitability issue. We’ll also text the team and email about the issue in realtime. (PRO TIP: Tell your team to save your dedicated SMS number as a favorite so it bypasses silent mode. We only call if there is an actual emergency.)

Normal Requests: Our AI won’t interrupt anyone’s sleep for minor maintenance requests. We’ll send an email to let you know when regular/minor maintenance requests come in. Your team shouldn’t be bothered for every issue in the middle of the night or after-hours. Get the right issues to the right team members when it matters. Get a good night’s sleep, stay focused on work, and address the minor issues when you can sit down in front of your email.

Our Customers

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$24.99 + $0.10/unit Per month