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What makes Latchel special?

1. Get Your Time Back

We work with your existing vendors and internal maintenance people to track work and upload invoices for you. We'll help schedule work, ensure the work is completed with the renter, collect renter ratings on the maintenance tech, and collect and create invoices on your behalf. Wouldn't you rather offload this headache to someone else?


2. Make renters Happy

We send proactive updates directly to your renters and we communicate them based on their preference (sms, email, phone call) so that we get responses much faster. We know renters have a better experience with Latchel because vendor ratings made by renters increase over time.


3. Get Better vendor performance

We help improve your vendor’s performance by providing frequent renter feedback to them so they can quickly address weak areas in their service. Through this process of rating vendors, we can remove vendors that provide anything less than excellent service. We keep all feedback private instead of renter’s publicizing negative feedback on sites like Yelp which helps your vendors and you look great.