24/7 Tenant Call Center for Landlords


24/7 Tenant Call Center for Landlords


Are you a landlord or property investor? Stop worrying about tenant calls.

Protect your investments and sleep easy. Latchel will take all your tenant calls 24/7 and dispatch emergency contractors. Protect your rental property for only $19.99/month.

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How It Works


Welcome to the best maintenance service for Landlords and Property Investors. Tired of getting calls from tenants? Instead of waking you up at 3am, your tenant will call Latchel. First, we take your tenant through an emergency diagnostic. Then we'll troubleshoot their issue over the phone to prevent an unnecessary visit from a contractor. 

If we determine that your tenant is having a true emergency, we'll dispatch the best contractor for the job. We dispatch immediately and our contractors will charge the minimum amount necessary to prevent property damage.

Protecting Your Wallet

We enforce a strict budget for all emergencies. You will never spend more than $500 to fix an emergency. If you want more protection, you have the option to increase your budget limit when you begin services.

What qualifies as an emergency?

  • Leaks that could cause property damage
  • No functioning toilets in the house
  • No heat in cold weather (under 45F; 55F if young children, elderly, or sick people are present)
  • No AC in hot weather (over 95F; 85F if young children, elderly, or sick people are present)
  • Security and safety issues (broken windows, open doors)
  • Electrical outages (not caused by power company) and loss of power to medical equipment
  • Life threatening emergencies are directed to 911

Protect Your Investment

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Our top priority is protecting your investment from costly damage by taking care of emergencies immediately. We'll dispatch a contractor to stop the problem, protecting you from further damage and solving any habitability problems that your tenant is facing. We follow a strict emergency diagnostic flow to make sure your property is taken care of during emergencies without needlessly sending contractors to your property.

Never Worry About Contractor Payments Again

Tired of writing paper checks? With Latchel, you simply store a credit card on file. The contractor is automatically paid out when the emergency work completes. You get a full invoice, receipt, and statement of work for your records. No more worries about paying contractors with checks ever again.


Trusted by more than 5,000 homes.

Property investors, landlords, and property managers trust Latchel with their emergency maintenance.


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