Increase Revenue & Streamline Maintenance

Offer a concierge service to residents that increases your monthly income and caters to every in-home need like housekeeping, lawn care, furniture assembly, and much more. Our partnership is no cost to you and also frees up your time spent on maintenance to enhance your operational efficiency and scalability.

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Our Mission

Increase your profit margins by increasing your revenue per door and reducing the time you spend on maintenance.

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Increase Revenues

Partners working with Latchel increase revenue by $48 – $72/home.

✓ Latchel packages our top-tier 24/7/365 maintenance coordination services with a high quality resident concierge.

✓ 80-90% resident opt in rates.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Teams who use Latchel have reduced time spent on maintenance calls by 80%.

✓ Latchel handles all maintenance calls 24/7/365, including emergencies.

✓ Remote video troubleshooting that de-escalates or fixes 30% of requests to avoid unnecessary dispatching.

✓ Easy to use online portal to track requests. 

Improve Online Reputation

Along with an average 4.7 out of 5 star tenant rating, Latchel sees 80-90% opt-in rates because residents love what they get:

✓ 24/7/365 access to concierge level service in 60 seconds or less via call or text. 

✓ $50 reimbursement on tenant caused damages.

✓ Scheduling on their time through easy online portal. 

Show Residents You Care

Blazing Fast Response Time

Residents wait just 60 seconds to get their personal assistant on the line to help with cleaning, laundry, and everything else.

Convenience and Comfort

Residents schedule and manage all of their in-home services like housekeeping, handy help, and more with just a text.

Video Support

Residents easily video chat with Home Assistants, 24/7/365, without any app downloads or logins for all the help they need.

Cash Reimbursements

Residents get cash reimbursements for the most common damages they cause like garbage disposals, plumbing clogs, and lockouts.

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Common Home Chores Requests

Here are some of the most common house requests:

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Home Cleaning

Our most popular request!

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Lawn Care

Very popular when this is resident responsible.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

General Troubleshooting

Residents often request phone or video chat help for everyday troubleshooting assistance.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Light Handyman Work

We often help mount TVs, assemble furniture, hang blinds/curtains, and fix resident responsible items before move-out.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords


Another common request if your residents are normally responsible for contacting the locksmith.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Pest Control

One of the most difficult issues to deal with and often the resident’s responsibility.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Carpet Cleaning

Residents often request a carpet cleaning when their move-out date approaches.

24/7 Maintenance for Property Managers

Move-out Assistance

Residents often request help to pack and load their truck during move-out.

24/7 Maintenance for Property Managers

Junk/Furniture Removal

A common request for long term residents.