Meet the Latchel Team:

Leadership Team:


CEO & Co-Founder

Ethan Lieber has a background in software applications and product management. He specializes in building easy to use software products that are accessible to all types of users.

He was the Director of Product at One Planet Ops before starting Latchel.


COO & Co-Founder

Will Gordon has a background in operations engineering and supply chain. He specializes in designing scaleable operations systems using technology, process improvement, and human factors in design.

He was a Senior Manager at Amazon before starting Latchel.

Will’s hobbies include kayaking in Puget Sound, scuba diving, exercising his two dogs, Shortbread and Sophie, a corgi and a chug.


Lead Engineer & Co-Founder

Jullian Chavez has a extensive background as a developer for various companies.

Before starting Latchel, he was a web applications developer at Picmonic.

Customer Success Team:


Customer Success Manager

Jennifer is a Customer Success Manager for Latchel and works from sunny San Diego, CA!

She started her first company selling custom koozies in middle school and has been running small online businesses since. She has 3 years of experience in field marketing and 4 years of experience in customer success. As a dog mom to a crazy vizsla, she enjoys running trails, hiking, culinary exploration, and traveling in her free time.


Customer Success Manager

2 things about me:

1- I play an absurd amount of video games, I own 700 different titles, but have likely only gotten around to about 200 of them. I’ll never run out of stories and action anytime I want it!

2- I love cooking from scratch when possible, I plan on learning how to make noodles, baking home made bread, and  grinding my own combinations of meat by the end of 2020, then going even farther back and starting to garden as well.

Doesn’t mean I don’t love a frozen hot pocket from time to time 🙂

Growth Team:


Lead Sales Engineer

Jen Sells is a Sales engineer on the growth team. Jen joined Latchel in 2017 as a part-time operations agent and moved into the sales engineer role in early 2019. Before that, she was a project/asset manager for a private company in Mercer Island, WA, overseeing 258 luxury apt doors and just under 1 million sq. ft. in commercial space.

In her spare time Jen loves hiking the PNW with her son, husband, and 2 rescue pups. She also enjoys a good glass of wine (or bourbon), cooking, binge watching sci-fi shows, attending sporting events, and volunteering with her local Rotary club (5030).


Sales Development Rep

Omari has worn many different hats over the years, but has always returned to sales. He’s guided by his love of helping others and his fondness for finding solutions to problems. When not working or writing third person bios, Omari enjoys spending time with his daughter and casually indulging his artistic inclinations. Oh, and binge watching.


Sales Engineer

I’ve been with Latchel since 2016 and I was the very first full-time employee hired. I started as an Ops Agent and worked my up to Operations Manager. I was in that position for over a year before moving into Sales.
I enjoy spending time with my family. I also enjoy writing, origami, and camping.


Sales Development Rep

Breeshia works from Pasadena, CA as a Business Development Representative for Latchel.

She completed her B.A at Stanford University before attending a coding bootcamp. She worked part-time as a developer and taught Ruby on Rails to low income students, but after some time, her existential curiosity got the best of her, so she returned to school in order to simultaneously complete an M.A. at the University of Chicago and a two-year Buddhist Chaplaincy program. Breeshia is a problem solver passionate about supporting people in making meaningful decisions aligned with their ultimate purpose.

In her spare time, you can catch her writing, watching historical documentaries, or learning something new. Her upcoming book will be published by North Atlantic Books in Spring 2021.


Sales Development Rep

Since college I have worked for some of the largest companies in their sector. Fields ranged from
aviation, information management, product development and technology. I’ve held jobs from entry to senior management, including global management and starting my own company. That said, the best job I’ve ever had was being a “Stay at home Dad” for two years!

As for education, I graduated undergrad from the illustrious, Illinois State University. I earned degrees in Communications and Sociology. Then, I took a hiatus from such strenuous learning for 10 years and was accepted into the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. I graduated in two years, while working full-time.

As a “Dad” for the last 15 years, hobbies have to align with the kids (2 boys). Luckily, we all decided on Tae Kwon Do. We all earned our First Degree Black Belts and I’ve earned my Second Degree, since. We have also begun learning Pekit Tirsia Kali, which is a weapons martial art from the Philippines. My wife feels safe, wherever we are.


Digital Marketing Manager

Catrina has been working in the marketing space, specifically for startups, for 5 years.

Prior to working at Latchel, she worked at a small market research firm and also worked in digital marketing at, a site connecting homeowners to home improvement contractors.

Originally from Colorado, she considers herself an avid skier, but now lives in Santa Monica, CA to acquaint herself with life by the ocean.

Operations Team:


Operations Program Lead

I graduated as an industrial engineer in a federal university back in Brazil. I worked as a process engineer at Whirlpool Corporation for 4.5yrs improving manufacturing and assembly processes for washing machines,  dryers and refrigerators.

Then, I decided to learn English and apply for a MBA at Purdue University. In middle of it, I decided to adventure in Mexico and open a small restaurant! So much fun 🙂 I had the restaurant for about a year and taught Portuguese on the side. When the MBA started,  I sold everything again and moved to the US. I had an internship at Sears and got hired by Amazon during the 2008 crisis.

I spent almost 10yrs with Amazon where I worked in the warehouse, customer service and corporate. In my last role, I led a team of 80 program managers supporting operations for Prime Now and Fresh. After moving to Dallas, I left Amazon and joined Latchel 🙂


Operations Program Manager

Sharon Lee is a Program Manager for content management and change management for teams across Latchel. She is professionally trained in Performance Improvement, Instructional Design, Needs Assessment, and Evaluation. In December 2020, she will earn a Master’s degree from the Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning department at Boise State University. Sharon is a member of the professional organization, ISPI (International Society of Performance Improvement), where she has worked with leaders of the Performance Improvement field worldwide.

Sharon loves growing professionally and personally while immersed in the fast paced, remote environment at Latchel. Sharon also leads to Latchel “Fun Team”, who drives initiatives on remote event planning to enhance Latchel company culture. She is from California but currently lives in Guanajuato Capital, Mexico.


Operations Program Manager

I have been working in home maintenance since I was 8 years old. My father owns a small-town handyman service and like any family business, I have been involved since the day I learned to swing a hammer.

I moved on to open my own appliance repair company catering specifically to home warranty companies. After a few years of that, I learned that working on businesses themselves was my passion.

I love to fish. I find myself on the water every weekend, making fish late for things, and sport a pretty good sunburn for 6 months a year. I live in Texas near the gulf with my loving wife and a horde of critters.