• This guide overviews all work order statuses and how each status affects the work order.


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    • Work Order Status Guide
      • Troubleshooting
      • Finding Vendor
      • Scheduling with Resident
      • Scheduling with Vendor
      • Awaiting work date
      • Confirming Completion
      • Getting Invoice 

Work Order Status Guide

Troubleshooting – A job in Troubleshooting status means that the Latchel team is still in the process of troubleshooting the issue with residents. A maintenance request should never be in troubleshooting status for a vacant unit.

As a property manager, you will be completely locked out from interacting with a work order in the Troubleshooting status. We do this because our team is already in “Go” mode. They likely won’t see your update before they’ve finished troubleshooting the request. If you need to contact our team while a work order is in Troubleshooting status then you must use the button – “Message Latchel Emergency Team” – in the email notification received when the work order was created.

See this guide on how to contact Latchel: https://latchel.com/blog/how-to-contact-latchel/

Finding Vendor – A job in Finding Vendor status means that we’ve completed troubleshooting the request and have determined that a service provider must be dispatched. Depending on the type of work order (emergency or non-emergency), this means we will begin dispatching immediately or in the morning. We dispatch immediately in cases where there is potential property damage or an emergency occurs during normal business hours. Otherwise, we may defer dispatching until business hours to help reduce the potential service charge.

Scheduling with Resident – Before the work order is sent to the service provider Latchel will gather the resident’s availability first. They may also provide access to enter if they cannot be home. This step will be skipped if the property is marked vacant!

Scheduling with Vendor – Latchel has alerted the service provider of the work order and requires the service provider to set a confirmed work date using the residents availability. (Unless the property is marked vacant or permission to enter was granted by the resident.)

Awaiting work date – A job in Awaiting Work Date status means that we’ve already scheduled the arrival time for the service provider. These can be 1 hour to 4 hour time windows depending on the availability of the service provider and when the emergency takes place. 

Confirming Completion – A job in Confirming Completion status means that Latchel is waiting to get confirmation that work was completed by the service provider. At the end of the work date window, Latchel’s software automatically sends an SMS and an email to both the service provider and the resident to confirm completion. 

All work orders will stay in confirming completion status for at least 24 hours even if the service provider has confirmed that the job was complete. This is in order to give the resident a chance to tell us if the issue returns or was not completed. Once the resident confirms (even if before the 24-hour mark) the work order automatically moves to Getting Invoice. If the resident does not respond then we automatically move the job to Getting Invoice. The resident still has an opportunity to provide feedback even after the job is Completed.

Getting InvoiceA job in Getting Invoice status means that Latchel is waiting for the service provider to create their invoice for work. Latchel only reaches out to your preferred vendors for 5 days before closing out a work order. Our process assumes that your preferred vendors will send the invoice directly to you if they don’t create it on our software within 5 days. We automatically send them a notification asking them to send the invoice directly to you. 

Our software automates a daily update SMS and email message to service providers. When service providers access their dashboard, they may upload or create an invoice.

For your preferred vendors, we send an SMS and email every 24 hours. On day 5, we automatically SMS them asking them to send the invoice directly to your team. Note: We expect your preferred vendors to work directly with you on invoicing and payment processing if they do not respond to Latchel’s texts or emails.

Latchel guarantees invoice submission for Latchel sourced service providers (LCN).