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How to Send Latchel Pre-Dispatch Instructions


As a Property Manager, you can provide instructions that you want the Latchel team to follow before dispatching of a vendor occurs. For example, this could be instructions to contact an on-site maintenance tech or building superintendent first. If they accept the job then we pass it off to them and close the job in our system. Any pre-dispatch contact that accepts a job will make us close the job out in our system. If you want work to continue to be tracked then you should make the contact point a preferred vendor that gets dispatched. 

Successful Use Of Pre-Dispatch Instructions:

  1. Providing a list of contacts to reach out to before dispatching a vendor.
  2. Providing special instructions to prevent dispatching for certain types of issues.
  3. Providing helpful contextual advice for the team due to unique property conditions.

Prohibited Uses of Pre-Dispatch Instructions:

  1. Instructing specific vendors to be dispatched. These should instead be configured in the priority list for dispatching. 

Contact Your Customer Success Team:

If this is something you want to set up for all properties on your account, a portfolio, or select properties, please email success@latchel.com for assistance.

To better assist you, please email our Customer Success team the configuration level (company, portfolio, or property level) and the instructions you want our team to follow before dispatching.

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