Save Time

Spend less time on maintenance & more time on the important stuff.


Protect Investments

Make sure emergencies don’t get missed. Backed by Latchel’s $1,000,000 insurance policy.


Improve tenant Happiness

4.7 out of 5 Stars across 1,450 tenant reviews.

Who Uses Latchel?

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Spend time doing things you love while Latchel protects your investments.

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Property Managers

Stay focused on growth while Latchel manages and scales your maintenance operation.

nationwide Coverage in all 50 U.S. States

And a 100% USA Based call center and troubleshooting team

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How It Works


1: We receive your tenant request

Your tenant calls or texts us at the dedicated line we provide to you.


You receive a realtime email notification letting you know that we received a request.


2: Screen for emergencies

We catch emergencies with 100% accuracy by pairing our experienced team with powerful software.


3: Deep dive troubleshooting

Our in-house team of maintenance experts troubleshoots with the tenant over the phone. We prevent an unnecessary dispatch of a contractor.


We notify you if we fix the issue on the phone.


4: Dispatch a Contractor

We dispatch a contractor if we can’t troubleshoot the issue. We can dispatch your favorite contractors or a Latchel contractor.


We tell you which contractor goes out and when they will arrive at the property.


5: Follow-Up to resolve

We follow up at the end of the contractor’s appointment to make sure everything got fixed. We follow up with both the tenant and the contractor.


We notify you when the job is completed.


We use a network of vetted contractors.

We'll dispatch a contractor from the Latchel Contractor Network or we can dispatch your own preferred vendors. Latchel Contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured based on local requirements - all of them vetted through our in-house team to ensure quality.

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Never be “on-call” again.

With our 24/7 Emergency Service, we take all your renter calls and texts. We screen for emergencies, troubleshoot with our in-house service pros, and dispatch contractors when necessary. We protect your rental properties from damage and your renters from safety hazards.

Software to create transparency.

Our software tracks maintenance coordination in real time. You get an online portal and automatic email notifications throughout the process. Always know the status of a maintenance request.

We deliver a top-notch maintenance experience because everyone we hire comes from property management and construction. We then add a layer of software technology across our processes so that our team performs at their peak.
— Ethan Lieber, CEO

Customer Reviews

Talk To Customers

Latchel hosts a Facebook Group for our customers and the community. We also post educational content, webinars, and announcements on our Facebook Group, all for free. Come talk to real Latchel customers and chat with the community about property management.


(All of our plans are month to month, no long term contracts.)

Free Online Tenant Submission
Your tenants enter maintenance requests online. You get a phone call if they have an emergency.
Technology Solutions
Online Maintenance Requests
Referral Program
Maintenance Coordination
Emergency Pager System
Real-time Email Notifications
Latchel Portal Access
Most Popular
We'll take all of your tenant calls and coordinate emergency maintenance issues.
Technology Solutions
Latchel Chatbot
Referral Program
Maintenance Coordination
Latchel Contractor Network
24 x 7 x 365 Emergencies
$25 + $1.00/Unit
Billed Monthly
We'll take all of your tenant calls and coordinate all maintenance issues.
Technology Solutions
Latchel Chatbot
Referral Program
Maintenance Coordination
Latchel Contractor Network
24 x 7 x 365 Emergencies
Estimates and Bids
Unit Turn & Punch List
Project Coordination
$25 + $10/Unit
Billed Monthly

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