A Modern Approach to Resident Experience

Latchel’s Home Assistant helps residents schedule maintenance & resident responsible tasks in 60 seconds or less, and helps you:

  • Increase 5-star Resident Reviews

  • Reduce Time Spent on Maintenance

  • Increase Your Revenue Per Unit

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Latchel is the only maintenance software platform that pays property managers to use it.

By adding features to our technology that elevate the living experience for the resident, property managers are able to include Latchel’s Home Assistant as a resident paid amenity.

Property Managers can provide better and more competitive service levels, while also reducing operational costs and increasing profitability.

Empowering You to Deliver Service Levels That Raise The Bar

Latchel Averages a 4.8/5 star rating for resident satisfaction.

5-star resident reviews are automatically pushed to your online profiles so your marketing gets a boost.

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Giving You the Relief of Reduced Time Spent on Maintenance

Latchel takes all your resident maintenance calls at no cost to you.

We screen for emergencies and proactively troubleshoot before dispatching a service provider. We can pass non-emergency work orders back to you, or we can coordinate those too.

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An Innovative Software Platform That Gives You:

Full Visibility

  • See All Dashboard Activity

  • Get Real Time Email Notifications

  • Recorded & Saved Interactions Through the Whole Process

Complete Control

  • Cost Control with Budget Limits
  • Customize Emergency Definitions
  • Prioritize Your Preferred Vendors

Allowing You to Imagine More Possibilities with Increased Revenue

Implementing Latchel as a resident amenity adds thousands of dollars in new revenue every month.

You start earning new revenue immediately after implementing.

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What Customers Are Saying:

“We’ve been able to save around $40k annually with a streamlined maintenance operations.

We probably spend less than 2 hours/day on maintenance. My team can oversee activity and step in when necessary. The rest of their time can be focused on creative strategy and owner relationships.”

Ian Joseph

“Latchel has become a new revenue stream for us allowing us to grow faster.

Residents get better service and 24/7 coverage, limiting our liability and providing a better living experience.

Latchel has been great to work with!”

Ryan Miller

“I think we might have the best solution in property management in Latchel.

What you don’t want as a CEO is to be burning time on operations when you’re driving for sales & revenue. Once we committed to Latchel, it changed the game for us.”

Johnny Wolff

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