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Like many companies in the property management space, Latchel started with family.

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What we value

Latchel’s 14 Leadership Principles are core to how Latchel operates. All Latchel employees are hired, trained, and reviewed based upon values such as:
Customer Obsession

We want every user to have the best possible experience using our services and interacting with our employees.

Continuous Improvement
We constantly seek to understand why the industry works the way it does and how to make it work even better
Bias for Action

We ship features regularly and discuss ways to improve our products by learning from our customers.


Like many companies in the property management space, Latchel started with family.

Prior to Latchel’s founding in 2017, Latchel COO and Co-founder, Will Gordon was working at Amazon building their 2-hour delivery service.

The shift to property management started when Will’s grandfather retired, leaving Will to manage the family management company. With little free time on his hands, he called up his old college roommate, now Latchel CEO Ethan Lieber, to help him build a tech forward property management business.

Ethan, a seasoned entrepreneur who had started and sold an ecommerce startup while working full-time at a home services company, was the perfect man for the job.

When they dug into the details of running a Property Management company, they realized how much of a need for innovation existed just in the maintenance sector. They decided to pivot their efforts into a new tech-forward, streamlined approach to maintenance.

Latchel was accepted into the Y Combinator program (with alumni companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe) and was able to secure investment capital from Bain Capital Ventures and other investors.

Latchel is now used by hundreds of management companies across the US for maintenance and virtual resident concierge services.


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