To finalize your Latchel Service Provider onboarding, complete the steps below to receive payments via direct deposit.


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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. You should have received an onboarding email to kick off your onboard process. From the ‘Registration’ section in your kick-off email, access the vendor sign up link or go here:

Step 2. Fill out the required information on the vendor sign-up webpage.

Step 3. Once you complete the information on this page, your Latchel account will be created by a team member if you do not already have an existing one. You will receive the confirmation email below after your information is processed.

Step 4. Once the account is created by our team, you will receive a login email from to set up a password for your account. Create a password. If you did not receive this email to create a password, please email

Step 5. The only thing left to become a priority vendor is to set up direct deposit via your Latchel portal. Access to your account and select ‘’Payment Settings’’ then ‘’Update Payment Account Info’‘.

Step 6. Click “Payment Settings” and then “Add Bank Account“.

Step 7. Add your bank account information.

Step 8. You will be asked to verify your bank account information. Start by entering your business address!

Step 9. Fill out your business website. If you don’t have a business website you can add a brief description of your services.

Here is a look at the description page –  

Step 10. Your account is all set! When navigating back to your Latchel payment settings, you will see a green message indicating that your payment account is good to go. If you have any trouble, please email