Latchel Resident Benefits

Generate New Revenues

Boost your revenue and shield against tenant repair costs by embedding Latchel resident benefits into your lease, enhancing client retention and your market edge.

Happy Residents, Healthy Margins

Too often, to protect your resident and owner satisfaction, you need to dig into your own pocket to cover chargebacks. When Latchel’s benefits cover all chargebacks, you create a “wow” moment for your residents and you and your owners save money.

Add Ancillary Revenues

Embed resident benefits into your lease agreements to generate over $360/door in annual revenues.


Deliver Real Value

Deliver over $2,700/year of amenities and perks to residents with great deals they’ll use and love.


Increase Resident Satisfaction

Protect your residents’ finances by having Latchel reimburse chargeback, lockouts, and more.

Ancillary Revenues
Ancillary Revenues

Create More Wow Moments

What if you could transform the most painful financial conversations into positive, impactful experiences for your residents and owners? Turn that next chargeback argument into a wow moment with a $1,000 chargeback reimbursement benefit.

Customize Your Benefit Portal

You can add custom benefits into the Latchel benefits dashboard so residents have one place for all their perks. Latchel’s resident benefits hub is completely turnkey and customizable, giving you full control.

Ancillary Revenues

Beat Resident Renewal Benchmarks

Did you know that property managers using Latchel have half the amount of resident churn as the rest of the industry? What resident wouldn’t renew with benefits like these!

Cash Back on Accidental Damage

Residents are eligible to receive thousands back in reimbursements on resident caused damage, missed appointment fees, and more.


Lockout Reimbursements

Lockouts are a common mishap. Residents receive a one time benefit for lockout reimbursements.


Free Drain Maintenance Packs

Residents can request drain unclogging snakes in the mail to help reduce the need for plumbers and handyman services.


Pest Control Services

Learn more about our marketplace and add-ons to access world-class pest control at a fraction of the cost. Learn more.


Air Filter Delivery Services

Protect your HVAC system and save money on energy costs by offering residents an air filter delivery service. Learn more.


Add Custom Benefits

We’ve made it easy to add your own resident benefits and customize what your residents have access to!

Integrate Your Software

Synchronize your data with the most popular property management systems.
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