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5 Reasons to Allow Pets At Your Rental Properties

The Latchel Team
January 29, 2020

One of the numerous significant decisions needed by a landlord is whether pets will be allowed on the rental property. Making a pet policy will either establish whether pets are allowed or not or define rules for the kinds of animals that will be allowed. Also, what fees are obligatory for pet-owning occupants, and instructions all pet-owners should during the time of the tenancy. 

Determining whether or not to allow pets in your rental property is again not a simple choice, and it comes with numerous deliberations. While service animals with the proper paperwork are always permitted in rentals, it’s up to you to choose if you wish your tenant can get along with his/her dog, pet cat, hamster, or beta fish. Your pet policy must be included in your Rental Lease Agreement, even if you do not want pets.  

Pets cause injury; why would renters allowed to have one can be an important question. There are numerous advantages for landlords who let pets at their rental properties. Similar to a lease modification agreement, you can make changes, inclusions, and amends to the rental property.

While pets can do harm to your rentals, there are numerous good reasons for letting pets, even if you’re not mostly fond of them. 

Here’s a look at the top 5 reasons landlords must make a pet-friendly policy for their rental properties. 

5 Reasons to Allow Pets At Your Rental Properties

1. Broadens your Tenant Pool

By letting pets at a rental property, landlords have the chance to enlarge the number of potential tenants, growing their options in seeking out the best quality renters. Many renters own a fuzzy friend, as per the Apartments.com survey. And the maximum of these renters claims to fight when looking out for a pet-friendly rental. If you let pets at your property, your listing will be the first pet owners reply to. If you let pets in your rental property, you could access an extra 70% of tenants who own pets. 

2. Increase in Renewals

Position rates are lessening nationwide, making a highly modest market for occupants seeking to shift. Tenant vacancy and turnover can rapidly turn a lucrative investment into a sinkhole. Pet-friendly possessions will lessen your vacancy rate and upsurge your regenerations. In an examination of many surveys taken. Tenants who are allowed pets were seen to stay meaningfully longer, by a regular of 23 months as compared to those who stayed just 15 months.

3. Helps Make a Lot of Money

Consider amassing a monthly pet fee when you receive pets at your property. This is dissimilar to a pet deposit, which can only be used to overhaul injury caused by the pet. Instead of a pet deposit, property owners can ask their tenants to pay a once-a-month fee or pet rent if they select to keep a pet on their property. They can make a rental agreement that includes pet fees that are non-refundable. Even a $20 pet rent/month will add up to $240 in additional income each year. A pet fee must be in addition to a pet deposit.

4. Protects the Property

When you let pets on your property, your pet policy offers protections against pet damage in the method of a pet deposit, liability analysis through renter’s deposit, and recognized expectations and rules regarding pet behavior. If you do not let the pets at your property, you run the danger of your renters niggling in an illegal pet. Unauthorized pets will source damage and are more likely to injure people on your property, all of which the owner will be accountable for if the tenant leaves. 

By letting pets on your property you will lessen the incidences of illegal pets. You can ask your occupants to dispute a pet deposit to cover possessions damage. Moreover, when you collect an important pet deposit from your tenants, they will be more likely to stop pet damage since they have money on the line. If you just collect a non-refundable pet charge, your tenants have no financial incentive to stop pet damage.

5. Improves Reputation

Pet-friendly properties gain the provision of their communal by making pet policies that save animals’ lives. Pet owners tend to stick around longer. 

However, moving with a pet is hard for a few reasons. 

  • One, there aren’t as many properties obtainable to pet parents. Second, pet parents, particularly dog owners, characteristically do not wish to stress out their pets by moving often.

Thus, by letting pets, there is more attraction and reputation and probabilities of attaining loyal, conscientious, and grateful tenants.

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