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Building a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Whether you oversee a handful of units or manage a sprawling portfolio of properties, this eBook provides a wealth of knowledge, practical strategies, and essential tools to enhance your maintenance operations and maximize the longevity of your assets.

Get the knowledge, strategies, and tools needed to elevate your maintenance operations.

Steps to Building an Anti-Fragile Business

Building an anti-fragile business is key to running a successful, indestructible company that can thrive under any circumstance, whether it’s a global pandemic or an economic recession.

This ebook explores all the ways you can improve your residents’ experience, pad your margins, drive efficiency with the right automations, and more.

Increasing Profitability & Resident Retention in Today's Climate

Over the last couple of years, the property management industry has shown its innate necessity. Many property managers have begun implementing new resident programs to increase retention and diversify income streams.

This white paper details the profit driving innovations that have come out of the pandemic.

Ready to Grow: Latchel Leadership Workbook

At Latchel, we know that for effective growth to take place, there needs to be a solid foundation of leadership principles that act as the north star for all decision making within the company.

This workbook was created to help you enrich your foundation for growth and give you the tools you need to ride out the weather patterns/swings of the industry.

Building and Benchmarking your Emergency Maintenance Operations

Emergency maintenance issues can be the biggest risk to your business. If not handled properly, you could be facing long term property damage. With a solid operations plan in place, you’ll be ready for the worst.

In this Free eBook, we provide a step by step process to building and benchmarking your emergency maintenance operations.

Making Your Property Investments Truly Passive

Property investing doesn’t have to be a full time job and passive income should actually feel passive.

This eBook lays out the pros and cons of being a DIY landlord vs. hiring a property management company, as well as a breakdown of all of the tools out there to create efficiencies for property investors.

Troubleshooting Your Rental Property Maintenance Costs Away

At Latchel we resolve over 30% of the maintenance requests that come in over the phone through troubleshooting, avoiding unnecessary dispatch and saving time and money for all parties.

This Free eBook details how we troubleshoot each issue with step by step details for each maintenance problem.

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