At Latchel, with everything we do, we believe you can’t get better by staying the same. We believe in challenging conventional wisdom. We believe in challenging the traditional approach.

When we launched Latchel, everyone told us, “Don’t even bother with single family portfolios, the money is in multifamily.” We launched our service for single family property managers and everyone told us, “Don’t get into call center services and emergency calls, it is too low margin.” We then launched one of the most innovative 24/7 emergency call center services and everyone began asking us, “How did you do it?”

The conventional property managers asks, “How can I get my tenant maintenance requests into my PM software easier?” Or they say, “How can I forward emergencies to vendors easier?”

At Latchel, our customers ask things like, “How can I de-escalate emergencies to save my owners more money?” “How can I keep my team focused on growth and out of maintenance?” “How can I ensure that my tenants are getting excellent service and will have an exceptional experience when an emergency situation happens?”

Do you see the difference in mindset?

We challenge conventional wisdom at Latchel. We challenge the traditional approach because we want to be 100x better than anybody else. Ask most people for advice and they’ll tell you that you need to do X, Y, and Z to be successful, but what they really mean is, “You need to do X, Y, and Z to perform the same as everybody else.”

We believe in doing things better. This belief pushes us to innovate. It pushes us to be creative. It pushed us to build a staff of property managers across the USA to troubleshoot with tenants on-demand. It pushed us to build a massive network of vendors. It pushed us to build a maintenance product that uses software at every single step to make everyone efficient. It pushed us to build the best tenant experience possible. It pushed us to get our hold times for tenants under 30 seconds.

No company to date has built an emergency maintenance product like Latchel.

  1. We catch potential emergencies with 100% accuracy.

  2. We put property managers (all US based) on the phone with tenants to troubleshoot.

  3. We de-escalate close to 90% of emergencies with our troubleshooting team, saving owners $1000’s of dollars every month in dispatching.

  4. We put actual property managers (all US based) on the phone with vendors when we dispatch because they know how to communicate problems to vendors better than Filipino call centers.

  5. We find vendors for our customers if they don’t have them.

You can’t get better by staying the same.

If you want to build something great or be someone great, you can’t do it by doing what everyone else is doing. You need to approach problems with a unique mindset. You need to challenge conventional wisdom. The traditional approach gets you the same results that you had yesterday.

At Latchel, we constantly talk about continuous improvement. This concept comes from our belief that you can’t get better by staying the same. Every week, our team comes together to talk about how we can do better. When you spend your time focusing on improvement, you’ll find that challenging conventional wisdom seems natural. That challenging the traditional approach is not so radical. And that doing something new is more likely to get you results than doing the same old thing that everyone else has always done.

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