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Going Digital During Coronavirus: Remote Work Tools & Best Practices

The Latchel Team
March 23, 2020
Going Digital During Coronavirus: Remote Work Tools & Best Practices top-tools-and-technology-for-diy-landlords

Going Digital During Coronavirus

The impact of Coronavirus on the property management industry as a whole has come with a lot of adjustments. One of them is transitioning to a remote work environment. Last week, we held a live session going over the implications for those affected. We also went over some tools & resources to help ease the transition to working from home.

Latchel has been a fully remote company since its founding, so we are well versed in the tools needed to keep running effectively. We are strong believers that going remote can not only keep your company running effectively, but enhance its overall efficiencies. Our COO, Will Gordon wrote a great in-depth blog post on a few of the things we do at Latchel to create a strong company culture, accountability, and efficiency while being remote.

In our session last week, we went over some of those things as well as talked about some of the incredibly helpful tools available in the transition to remote work.

You can watch the replay of our session here and get access to the tools we referenced below:


Slack  – Company chat tool that’s free to use and easy to learn. Teams can communicate on the web and through mobile app. Some of the features include:

  • Create channels for different teams
  • Create workflows for daily updates before stand-up meetings
  • Create polls for company voting

Zoom – Online video conferencing for remote meetings. Free to use, upgrades for longer meeting times available. Valuable features include:

  • Meeting recording to reference back to talking points, or to share with team members who could not make it. Also valuable for recording and sharing training videos.
  • Dial in numbers supported so you do not always have to join via desktop
  • Chat features within video call

Google Hangouts – Online video conferencing. Free to use. Valuable features:

  • Meeting recording to reference back to talking points or to share with team members who could not make it.
  • Dial in numbers supported.
  • Chat features within video call.

Project Management & Organization

Trello- Track status of projects within a visual board. Free to use. Upgrades available. Valuable features include:

  • Create multiple boards for different departments or projects with customizable “To Do”, “In Progress”, and “Complete” columns
  • Assign tasks to team members.
  • Email notifications of progress.

Confluence – Team workspace to keep an internal library of process documents, marketing materials, company-wide knowledge base, etc. Valuable features include:

  • Create pages for anything from meeting notes to HR policies, product requirements, marketing materials, etc. with more than just text.
  • Organization is simple – create different folders and libraries where team members can easily access important and relevant documents.
  • Team wide feedback is easy – you can jointly edit pages in real time.

To view the full replay to see screen-shares of how Latchel uses some of these products, visit here.

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