Saving you time and making tenants smile.

Imagine a maintenance solution so easy that you could manage 1000 doors all by yourself? We call it Latchel. Latchel is a scalable maintenance service that allows property management companies to spend time growing their business instead of worrying about maintenance coordination. 

it takes 5 easy steps:

  1. You give us your work order.
  2. We get the best contractor for the job and take care of scheduling with your tenant.
  3. We get reviews from your tenant and confirmation that we did a job well done.
  4. You pay your invoice through the Latchel web portal.
  5. If any issues pop-up, you get a phone call from our customer service team. Smooth as butter!

Submit Your Work Order via the latchel web portal

You give us the details we need to get the job done including things like work descriptions and tenant info.

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Our Software coordinates with your Tenants

We automatically text your tenants to coordinate while our contractors use our software to keep you up to date.

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Our Team Responds To Issues so you don't have to

If any issues pop up, our amazing customer service team will try to resolve it before contacting you for help.

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We've got the Contractors for you.

We'll dispatch a contractor from our network to your job based on geography and trade:

1. Licensed, bonded, and insured contractors.

2. 4-Star and above quality ratings from tenants.

3. Reliable, friendly, and best of all, affordable.

Every Interaction Documented in an Easy To Use Web Portal

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All Your Invoices Stored, Paid, and Disputed in a Single Place

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Pick Your Plan



  • Use Latchel's Contractors
  • Create Work Orders via Latchel Web Portal
  • Pay contractors with Credit/Debit
  • No estimates, bids, or make-ready jobs accepted
  • No urgent jobs accepted
  • No Add-On services


Paid monthly

  • Use your Preferred Vendors or Latchel's Contractors
  • Create Work Orders via your PM Software or Latchel
  • Pay contractors with Credit/Debit/Check/ACH 
  • Send requests for estimates, bids, or make-ready jobs
  • Urgent jobs accepted and completed within 48 hours
  • Add-On services like our 24/7 Emergency Center

Customer Stories


Derek Barksdale

Primary Goal: Spend less time on maintenance.

Eric Bessett

Primary Goal: Improve Operational Process and Scalability

Nick Kraemer

Primary Goal: Grow nationally at a rapid pace.