Automated Maintenance Coordination

Where efficiency meets control

Latchel takes all maintenance calls & requests and automates the tedious aspects of the end-to-end coordination process based on your customized workflows.

You get to redirect your time to strategically growing the business.


How it Works

On-Demand Maintenance Troubleshooter & Dispatcher
Step #1

Residents call, text, or message us via the platform

Anytime your residents have a request, they can contact us via call, text, or online dashboard. Their dedicated Latchel phone number is created with the area code in your market. 

On-Demand Maintenance Troubleshooter & Dispatcher
Step #2

We respond in 60 seconds or less. 24/7/365

Whether it’s routine or an emergency, we proudly offer 60 second response times to all your tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Not only does Latchel handle maintenance calls, we also connect tenants with pros to tackle home needs like housekeeping, laundry service, lawn care, dog walking, and much more.

On-Demand Maintenance Troubleshooter & Dispatcher
Step #3

We get to the bottom of the service request.

Latchel’s team is always standing by to resolve any tenant problems. We also offer proactive video troubleshooting to help resolve problems on the spot, so tenants can live comfortably without waiting for help.

On-Demand Maintenance Troubleshooter & Dispatcher
Step #4

We schedule and dispatch your preferred vendors

We confirm your residents’ availability and dispatch your preferred vendors accordingly. If needed, we can dispatch Latchel contractors if your preferred vendors are not available.

On-Demand Maintenance Troubleshooter & Dispatcher
Step #5

We Confirm 100% Resident Satisfaction

We follow up at the end of the service provider’s appointment to make sure everything got fixed. We follow up with both the resident and the service provider.

On-Demand Maintenance Troubleshooter & Dispatcher
Step #6

Get 5-Star Resident Reviews

We collect resident reviews after every work order is completed, averaging a 4.8/5 star rating across all work orders. All 5 star reviews are automatically pushed to your online profile! 

Full Visibility & Efficient Control

Latchel’s all-new dashboard tracks all the things you care about. From work order statuses to service provider appointment times, we got you covered with our property maintenance services.

Track Work Orders Faster
We take pride in documenting every resident call and every work order placed. View all your work orders and their status in your Latchel dashboard.
Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

We provide full visibility into what work orders need your attention so that you can rest easy, and focus on providing the best customer service in town.

Make Managing Vendors Easy

Remembering which vendor to send to each property is hard. Latchel lets you configure dispatching rules to get service appointments booked at lightning speed.


We’ve been able to save around $40k annually with a streamlined maintenance operations.

Ian Joseph, Miller Laine Property Mgmt

Results That Raise The Bar

Save Time

Spend less time on tedious tasks and more time delivering excellent service.

Protect Every Asset

Never miss an emergency. Backed by Latchel’s $1,000,000 insurance policy.

Improve Resident Happiness

Latchel averages a 4.8 out of 5 star rating for resident satisfaction.

Improve Vendor Relationships

Spend time building great relationships, not making dispatch calls.

Control Your Budgets

Enforce budgets and get automatic notifications for approvals.

Custom Emergency Detection

We catch emergencies by pairing our experienced team with powerful software.

Our Mission

Empower property managers to deliver unbeatable customer experiences.

Increase Revenues

With our resident amenity services, property managers deliver a level up on service that no competitor can beat and make more money doing it.


Optimize Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Teams who partner with Latchel reduce call-center costs and can operate more doors with less overhead.


Improve Online Reputation

Automatically push 5-Star resident reviews to your online profiles and retain clients.

Video Troubleshooting

Residents get instant access to video-chat capabilities directly with our team – no downloads necessary. Resolve and de-escalate maintenance more effectively to save time and money.


Service worth a 5-star shout out

With a core mission of unbeatable customer service, we like to give your residents a reason to rave about it. After every work order is completed, we automate the review process to push all 5-star reviews to your online profile. You can sit back and watch your rating rise.

We point out the kinks in your operation

Use data and insights in Latchel to make better business decisions and continuously improve your business.

A plan for all property managers
Our infinitely configurable software allows you to automate and customize workflows to fit your unique property preferences.

Solve your maintenance pain and increase your revenue!