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The Top 4 Property Lease Management Software and Automation Tools

The Latchel Team
April 20, 2022
Property Lease Management Software

As our world becomes more and more virtual, Property Managers are being pushed into a more digital way of doing business. Property lease management software and tools for nearly every realm of the business are becoming more and more abundant, widely adopted, and by now, is a minimum expectation of a well run property management company. 

In this article, we’ll break down a list of leasing automation tools available to work into your operations, allowing your business to run more efficiently and grow.

Property Lease Management Software

Property Lease Management Software: 

Property lease management software helps property management experts manage their leasing activities under one platform. Some of the top leasing automation systems include:

1. Tenant Turner


Tenant Turner is a lead scheduling software that allows you to keep all your leasing activities in one place. Tenant Turner provides instant responses to all tenant leads, schedules showings and self-access viewings, and provides reporting so you can stay on top of your metrics. You also can set your screening criteria in advance so only qualified leads get access to scheduled showings. This leasing automation software provides several useful features, including:

  • Centralized leasing dashboard
  • Pre-qualification and scoring
  • Listing import
  • Call recordings
  • Calendar integrations
  • And more!

Pricing starts at $1 per unit, per month with a $50 minimum subscription and increases based on feature add-ons.

We had Tenant Turner on The Latchel Podcast to dive deeper into the details, you can tune in here.

2. Rently


Rently is an innovative self-touring and smart home technology that optimizes the complete renter lifecycle. With Rently, you can manage energy usage, control access, prevent damage, and monitor activity using a single system. This property management technology offers several intuitive features, like:

  • Complete remote control of your assets
  • Self-guided tours
  • iQual Plus resident screening
  • Call center
  • Agent scheduling
  • And more!

This time-saving solution helps improve the experience for both renters and property management professionals. To learn more about Rently and explore pricing, click here to request a demo. 

3. ShowMojo


ShowMojo automates the entire residential leasing process all under one platform. From marketing to online scheduling to prospect nurturing, ShowMojo slashes costs, reclaims time, and delights your prospective renters. This leasing automation tool provides countless user-benefits that allow you to:

  • Advertise on over 50 listing sites
  • Fit showings to your schedule
  • Seamlessly screen every prospect
  • Report progress on every listing
  • Drastically reduce no-shows
  • And more!

ShowMojo offers three plan tiers for single family, mid-size multi-family plans, and plans for absolutely anyone. Pricing ranges anywhere from $69-$1800 per month.

4. PointCentral


PointCentral helps property managers reduce hassle and improve your operating income through smart automation and connected devices. This vertical focused home automation solution helps with lockouts by allowing you to generate a code or just unlock a unit from your phone via bluetooth. PointCentral is a best fit for those managing:

  • Vacation rental
  • Rent by owner
  • Single-family
  • Multi-family
  • Corporate housing

Overall, this property management software helps you cut your energy spend, eliminate keys, track access, and receive important information from one system. 

To learn more about PointCentral and their pricing options, click here to sign up for an exclusive free demo. 

There are many more automation tools available for Property Managers, and more being developed as the industry changes. If you’re using a stellar leasing automation service that we haven’t mentioned here, drop us a comment below.

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