We're dedicated to helping residential property managers achieve their maximum potential.


2 out of 3 tenant move-outs are preventable.

Did you know that a tenant move-out equals the cost of 3 months of rent?

Make Your Tenants Happy

Latchel provides a full team of US based employees that cater to your tenant's maintenance needs. Your tenants get frequent follow ups, high quality vendors, and amazing customer service.


These unit turnovers can be prevented with better maintenance.

A bad maintenance experience is the #1 Reason why tenants decide to move out. Reasons can be:

1. Maintenance takes too long.

2. Maintenance is not done well.

3. Vendors or managers are rude.

Save Time & Money

Latchel takes care of all maintenance coordination for you and keeps your team updated with a real-time web portal. We have a full team of people to serve your tenant's maintenance needs for a far lower cost than hiring an employee.

Customer Stories


Derek Barksdale

Primary Goal: Spend less time on maintenance.

Eric Bessett

Primary Goal: Improve Operational Process and Scalability

Nick Kraemer

Primary Goal: Grow nationally at a rapid pace.


Achieve Success.

Do better maintenance and Increase tenant happiness.